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Indian Instagram star Bhumika Thakkar is giving you travel inspiration.

Bhumika Thakkar is an Instagram influencer in India who uses her platform to show off the best of what India has to offer. Her account has over 306,000 followers, and she posts pictures of her travels, food, and exciting sights.

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She uses her account to share fashion and lifestyle tips and photos of her travels. Her work has led to her being featured in publications like Cosmopolitan India and Forbes India. The Indian government has also recognized Thakkar with a prestigious award for her social media work.

India is a land of vast and diverse geography. With almost every state having its unique attractions, it’s no wonder that travel Instagrammers have taken to exploring the country’s different regions.

One such Instagrammer is CA Bhumika Thakkar, who has built an impressive following on the platform by documenting her travels around India in stunning photos and videos. She’s based in Mumbai, India, and specializes in capturing stunning images of her trips to exotic destinations worldwide. Her photographs have garnered widespread acclaim, and she regularly posts about her favorite places to visit and eat.

Bhumika, who goes by the moniker “Travel Instagram Influencer,” is a photographer, traveler, and foodie who has thrived on sharing her experiences with others through social media. She’s documented her travels to over 100 countries and all seven mainlands. Her photos are full of vibrant colors and striking landscapes, capturing the essence of her travels while showcasing her delicious food photography skills. Her work ethic is evident in every post she makes; she takes great care in selecting destinations, planning logistics (including packing lists!), and documenting everything along the way. Her insights into different cultures are fascinating, as well as her tips for travelers looking to save money while traveling.

Her travel photos and videos have caught the attention of travelers worldwide, and she’s become known for her charming personality and stunning views. Her passion for travel is visible in everything she does, from her social media posts to her travels. She loves sharing her favorite destinations with her followers, giving them a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to stay there, explore the city, or take in the beauty of nature. Her posts are inspiring and give travelers a glimpse into other cultures they might not otherwise experience.

She provides tips and advice on making the most of their travel experiences. Her account is an excellent resource for anyone looking to explore new places, and her followers love her enthusiasm and passion for travel.



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