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Indian Fashion Influencer Santoshi Shetty Shows Us Her Wild Side in a Drag Performance

Indian fashion influencer, Santoshi Shetty, takes us on a wild ride in a drag performance. Sporting a fierce androgynous look, Santoshi takes us through her life story and how drag has helped her to express herself honestly and authentically. From growing up in India, where there was little opportunity for self-expression, to finding success as an influencer, Santoshi tells us about her journey.

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  1. Indian fashion influencer Santoshi Shetty is known for her runway-ready looks and styling, but she’s also got a wild side. In a drag performance, Santoshi showed off her ability to put on a show with humor and personality.
  2. Drag performances can be incredibly entertaining and a great way to show off your creative side. Santoshi’s drag performance was sure to get everyone in the audience laughing and dancing.

She has more than 749K followers on Instagram and recently gave a drag performance at a club in Mumbai. In the version, Shetty donned an outrageous outfit and performed lip Sync to RuPaul’s “Supermodel” song.  The 27-year-old influencer is known for her edgy and creative style, which often incorporates unconventional elements into her fashion looks.

Indian fashion influencer Santoshi Shetty takes the drag performance genre to a new level with her wild and outrageous show. From shameful makeup and costumes to jaw-dropping dance moves, Shetty proves there is more than one way to be fabulous. Her vibrant performance is sure to get your pulse racing, and you won’t be able to help but admire her creative flair.

Recently, she has taken her talents to the stage, performing as drag queen Santoshi in a performance at Mumbai’s famous arts festival, Art of Living. In her version, Shetty showcases her wild side, performing dances and stunts that would befit any Las Vegas showgirl. Though this is only Shetty’s third performance as Santoshi, it’s clear that she has been preparing for years – her skills are impressive, and her charisma is undeniable. The crowd loved every minute of it, and it was clear that Santoshi was poised to become one of India’s leading fashion influencers and drag queens. India is diverse, and every region has its style of fashion. One such fashion influencer from the country is Santoshi Shetty. She has worked with several leading Indian fashion brands and created runway-ready looks that have won her fans worldwide.



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