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If You Think Entrepreneurship is Difficult, Try Doing it in a Developing Country

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EFour Enterprises LLC Logo

EFour Enterprises Logo

EFour Enterprises Offers Personalized Remote Business Coaching for Entrepreneurs in Developing Countries and Emerging Economies

In my work with enterprises in developing nations I saw the need for a more efficient, cost-effective, and targeted way to help budding entrepreneurs running businesses without business backgrounds.”

— Donna Rosa, Chief Entrepreneurship Officer, EFour Enterprises

MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, November 23, 2021 / — EFour Enterprises LLC announces ESchool innovative cost-effective entrepreneur coaching programs targeted to small business support programs operating in developing countries, such as donor organizations, NGOs, educational institutions, business incubators, chambers of commerce, aid programs, and microfinance institutions.

The Need for a New Approach

Developing-country entrepreneurs face challenges that those in the developed world do not. Their resources are extremely limited. They are often entrepreneurs by necessity, as there are few jobs for them. They have little access to markets, management training, business advisory, or funding. Support may be lacking, but these small business owners are often talented, creative and resilient.

Donna Rosa, Chief Entrepreneurship Officer at EFour, explains, “In my work with microenterprises in developing nations I saw the need for a more efficient, more cost-effective, and more targeted way to help budding entrepreneurs who are running businesses without business backgrounds.” These are the enterprises that most need help and are least likely to get it. Standard trainings and workshops can be of limited value because they teach general concepts, and business owners find it difficult to apply them to their own situations. They need personalized attention over the long term, not one-off interventions.

“I realized that with increasing global internet access, this work could be done remotely” adds Rosa. “I wanted to eliminate the travel and administrative costs and focus on the content and learning. Working in small groups of 4-5 entrepreneurs also keeps expenses down while still providing the individualized attention they need over weeks or months.”

ESchool is Where Developing-Country Entrepreneurs Learn Their Business

EFour offers both ready-made and customized programs to fit the needs of both support organizations and their entrepreneurs. Programs cover key business topics and can run from 3-12 weeks or more. Coaching sessions are usually once a week for about an hour. Entrepreneurs complete their assignments between live sessions, which are also recorded. Certificates of completion are also available.

Benefits to MSME Support Programs, Organizations, & Donors

ESchool offers many advantages to implementing organizations. Benefits include:
• Extremely cost-effective; no travel costs for coaches, participants, or support staff, and group sessions provide personalized business advisory at lower cost than individual mentoring
• Staff can easily participate in weekly sessions from anywhere at no extra cost
• ESchool methodology incorporates innovative use of technology, including proprietary software and online templates
• Programs focus on areas that most entrepreneurs struggle with, but custom programs can be developed
• Entrepreneurs appreciate the simplicity and effectiveness of the tools, the handholding through difficult business concepts, the personalized feedback on their business situations, and the responsiveness to their questions.

Benefits for Entrepreneurs

EFour always meets entrepreneurs where they’re at, in whatever stage of their business or level of experience. Coaches provide:
• Personal feedback and expert advice on their businesses
• Weekly hourlong sessions that fit into busy schedules
• Assignments that can be completed between sessions
• Group sessions for networking and peer learning opportunities
• Email support between sessions

A Flexible and Affordable Option

Rosa concludes, “With real-world experience in both business and international development, we fully understand the distinct needs of both support organizations and entrepreneurs in emerging markets. Our programs are simple, budget-friendly, and comprehensive. Micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) are key drivers of economic development, and we believe in their potential.”

About EFour Enterprises LLC
EFour stands for Empowering Entrepreneurs in Emerging Economies. The company specializes in online business development services for entrepreneurs in developing countries and emerging economies. EFour is at the forefront of technology-enhanced remote business coaching that works.

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