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Idea Lab Kids’ Summer Camp Enrollment Increases as Demand for In-person Enrichment Programs Climbs

Franchisee Adam Gockley explains why enrollment is skyrocketing and what he expects as the brand continues to grow.

HOUSTON, TX, USA, June 14, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — As IDEA Lab Kids heads into the summer season, its STEAM-based summer camps are experiencing incredible demand. The brand’s camps run throughout the summer, covering a variety of science, technology, engineering, art and math subjects for students aged five to 14.

“We’re all gearing up for what stands to be a pretty busy summer,” said Adam Gockley, the owner of IDEA Lab Kids in Austin, Texas. “This summer will have 11 weeks of camp, and we can cater to about 50 kids at a time. Out of 550 camp spots, there are only about 50 remaining.”

As more families begin to feel safer and ready to jump back into extracurriculars, the demand for both academic and social-emotional enrichment is steadily increasing.

“Our program takes care of kids while they are out of school, and there’s a high demand right now,” said Gockley.

According to IBISWorld, the summer camp market is expected to increase by over 11% in 2022, bringing the value to over $3 billion.

While virtual learning was a valuable resource throughout the pandemic, Gockley says it’s clear that parents are ready to leave that chapter behind. Many parents are looking for activities that will take their child beyond the screen and back to experiencing practical activities with kids their age and other adults outside of their typical classroom environment.

“People are trying to play catch up. There are kindergarteners who are now first graders who never experienced traditional kindergarten,” he said. “An academics-based camp is a great opportunity to get the kids reacclimated in a fun way.”

Furthermore, Gockley said that he is noticing a mental shift in parents as it relates to their children getting back in action.

“They’re looking to get their kids involved with the fun things that they did as kids — getting out of the house in the summertime.”

Though navigating the post-pandemic world is new to us all, Gockley has plenty of experience with the brand and a deep understanding of the gap it fills. He was IDEA Lab Kids’ first franchisee and has worked with the brand in some capacity since before it even began franchising.

“I had seven years of experience during the development of the program, originally started out by renting a few classrooms at a school in the community, and now I have this facility,” he explained.

Over the years, he has not only realized the revenue opportunities that lie within his community but has watched the demand grow — and risen to meet that need.

“We’re proud to work with franchisees like Adam who continue to outperform themselves and expand their programs to meet the needs of their communities,” said Devina Bhojwani, President of Lyricos Learning, LLC, IDEA Lab Kids’ parent company. “Students are returning to both their schools and IDEA Lab Kids classrooms in person, and we are thrilled to see such excitement for our summer camp programs.”

Gockley explained that summer sessions typically provide a great opportunity to recruit students for after school programs.

“The goal in summer is to roll into a strong school year,” he said. “With new families coming in for summer camps, that information gives us an indication of what area of town they’re coming from and what schools they go to. What really is great is just how many people still don’t know about us, and this whole new wave of families coming in will only create a bigger blip on the radar for IDEA Lab Kids.”

“It’s a strong sign of what’s ahead as we prepare for the back to school season,” Bhojwani said.

As more and more members of the community continue to have positive experiences with IDEA Lab Kids, its impact will only continue to ripple. Gockley said that he views each interaction with a child as not only an opportunity to engage with and positively impact that individual, but a chance to develop a positive relationship with an entire family that is worth talking about, potentially reaching students and families who were previously unaware of the brand.

“I’m thankful to have the entire Austin territory, and I can easily add another location on the opposite side of town,” Gockley explained. His long-term goal is to open a second location, further expanding the reach of IDEA Lab Kids and making the program more accessible to families all across the town.

The startup costs for an IDEA Lab Kids franchise range from $163,000 to $465,000. The franchise fee is $35,500. To learn more about franchising with IDEA Lab Kids, visit https://www.franchise.idealabkids.com.

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