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I owe it all to my family – Gaurav Aggarwal the Sleek founder

Every day, we need a source of motivation to get us going and keep working towards our goal that could be anything. It could be a movie where we watch a song we hear a particular person we hear about or talk to. Let Gaurav Aggarwal’s story of becoming a young entrepreneur and grabbing the position of Forbes 30 under 30 be your daily dose of motivation today. He is one of the very few Indians to be a part of this list.

Well, Gaurav is the co-founder of Sleek, a real-world problem-solving app that will completely change the way people stand and wait in line for hours. Through Sleek, one can get a real-time update of when a person reaches the ticket/billing counter. This is an unprecedented revolutionary time-saving app. Gaurav is currently residing in the USA. But like most Indians, he belongs to a very humble background.

He did his schooling in India, and from the early day in his adulthood, he was so fascinated by technology. He tells me I always dreamed of giving this world something, and it took me a lot of time to create it. Before starting his own startup, Gaurav worked for tech giants like Google and Microsoft and handled million-dollar projects for them. He said it was really nice working at these firms, and I learned a lot, but I don’t know; I just felt like something is missing.

He gives all the credits for his success to his family and friends. But he said I am very blessed to have a family who has always supported me no matter what. They supported me when I decided to pursue higher studies in the USA or when it was the time I decided to leave a high-paying job and pursue my passion of becoming an entrepreneur. Their blessing and teachings have always been with me. He tells his father is the most selfless person he has ever seen in his life. His family has given a lot without expecting anything in return.

On the occasion of this fathers day, his message to all the people is to always be supportive of your family and never take the efforts done by your father for granted. Don’t get consumed by your work.


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