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Hyderabad Realtors Association and National Association of Realtors (India) takes leaps to improve the Broker-Developer relations for the benefit of the Real Estate Sector

The Executive Committee at HRA

Hyderabad, 2nd November 2022: The Hyderabad Realtors Association and National Association of Realtors held a national level conference today at Hyderabad on the occasion of the 8th  Formation day of HRA. Detailed discussions and forums were conducted in order to ensure steps to be taken which are mutually beneficial for all parties involved in the sector. Seniors across the association in the sector came together in the forum to discuss how to make the experience even better for all stakeholders.

The Forum was organised with the aim of presenting solutions to various problems faced by parties affiliated to the Real estate sector. Like,

  1. What pertinent role will the brokers play in the sector going forward
  2. Steps that will improve the Broker Developer Relations for mutual understanding and advantage
  3. How can the members approach the associations effectively with their grievances or suggestions
  4. What more can be done to improve the experience of all stakeholders in the sector.

With the Real Estate Sector Growth registered in India, NAR (India) and HRA are committed to improve the long standing of all the associated parties to the sector. With uptrend in the sector, It has become imperative to improve and regulate the internal resolution methods.
Speaking about the Event the President of NAR India, Mr. Samir Arora said “NAR (India) is committed to improving all the executive practices in the real Estate Sector. Through the Forum we have initiated an important dialogue on Broker-developer relations for the betterment of the Sector. We want to move forward collectively, and we will take every opportunity to make sure we improve and regulate the sector better.”

Speaking at the event, the President of HRA, Mr. Amar Srinivas said “India is witnessing a need for a professional approach in the Real Estate Sector, highly educated individuals and corporate structuring of local brokerage firm, HRA’s mission is to set highest ethical standards and practices. Adding to this, our educational programs have allowed us to be competent in the present market scenario. To begin with, We at HRA are a full RERA registered & certified  member. Our belief is, It’s better to be wise with professional advice

About HRA:

HRA (Hyderabad Realtors Association), formerly known as APRA (Andhra Pradesh Realtors Association) is the Hyderabad chapter of NARIndia. HRA seeks to bring diverse professionals in the Real Estate industry on to a common platform and offers them comprehensive resources to create value for all the stake holders in the sector.

HRA stands out as a beacon of trust and knowledge, bringing value and credibility to the Real Estate sector. The organization’s primary objective is to implement the best global business practices. We not only aspire to help individuals and corporations to get their business right, but also ensure transactions are done the right way.

HRA provides an array of services to its members which include educating the next generation of professionals. It carefully monitors the latest trends in the Realty Sector and acts as a resource pool for members and stakeholders to use and build on. HRA believes that the key to the development of the sector lies in collective growth.

About NAR- India:

NAR-India is the top representative body and advocacy group for those in the Real Estate Transaction Advisory. NAR-INDIA was formed in the year 2008 to establish the highest standards and accreditation in the real estate industry and facilitate professional development for its members. NAR-INDIA is a Non-Profit Organisation created to be the collective voice of the Realtors in India.

NAR-INDIA encourages members to follow the highest professional and ethical standards inthe industry. Organisation provides support and education for over 50000 Realtors all over the country through its Member Associations. It also offers comprehensive resources to realtors to provide world class services & create value for all the stake holders in the industry.



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