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Huffman Engineering, Inc. – Making Ideas Work in Automation for Highly Regulated Industries

Huffman Engineering, Inc. | Wendy Huffman | Howard Huffman PE

Wendy Huffman, CEO/CFO and Howard Huffman PE, President of Huffman Engineering, Inc.

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CEOCFO interviews Huffman Engineering, Inc. CEO/CFO Wendy Huffman, and President Howard Huffman PE, on their Control System Integration Services

Customers have told us two things they like; the relationships built and the results achieved. The relationships are about being a part of their team. We want to make our customers better.”

— Howard Huffman PE

LINCOLN, NEBRASKA, US, January 18, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — CEOCFO Magazine, an independent business and investor publication that highlights important technologies and companies, today announced an interview with Wendy Huffman, CEO/CFO and Howard Huffman PE, President of Huffman Engineering, Inc., an Midwest engineering services firm specializing in control system integration, with offices in Lincoln, Nebraska and Englewood, Colorado.

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“Customers have told us two things they like; the relationships built and the results achieved. The relationships are about being a part of their team. We want to make our customers better. We want them to be faster, we want them to be safer, we want them to be more productive, we want them to understand what is going on in their process,” said Howard Huffman during the interview with CEOCFO’s Senior Editor Lynn Fosse.

Asked the overall idea behind Huffman Engineering, Inc., Wendy Huffman said, “Huffman Engineering is an engineering and control system integration firm. Control system integration has to do with computerized process controls on industrial and utility processes. We also do engineering consulting, studies and design.” She continued, “Control systems control production and operation of equipment from manufacturing and medicine to help people and animals, to food distribution and food handling in manufacturing, to water and wastewater treatment plants. Processes are regulated and different elements can be managed. Information is then sent back to the operators and people running the plant, whether it is utilities or industrial.”

As for what goes into their analysis of a project, Howard Huffman shared, “Will this be a value add to our customer for the long term? You shouldn’t do automation for automation’s sake, but there are applications that can make our customers so much more productive, efficient and safe and if those are their goals and we can help them, we want to. And our engineers are highly-skilled and have the ability to bring those ideas and designs to the table. The critical questions we ask to analyze projects include:
• Do we have knowledge of their industry
• Do we have experience in the technology and process
• Can we meet their schedule and budget (if known)
• Can we have a long-term mutually profitable relationship
• Have we worked successfully with this customer before or do we believe this could be a successful partnership.”

When asked if they find it easy to attract and maintain staff, Howard Huffman told Lynn, “The easy answer to that would be “yes.” I think the way we value them is the differentiator. We hire smart people. We challenge them. We give them responsibility. We give them the opportunity to brush up against the guard rails of failure, so they are not given slam dunk jobs, they are given hard things to do, and then they do it. Another thing is that they realize that what we do, working in water, pharmaceuticals, or food, or in electrical utilities; we are doing work that brings value to our communities and to society in general. I think that is a key factor as well.”

Explaining how they design a project that is the best it can be at the moment, but will not be replaced by something a little better 6 months down the line, Wendy Huffman offered, “Because we work on the leading edge of technology in industrial and utility work, our hope is always that we’re implementing a system that will continue to benefit our customers for the long term. Unlike a phone, due to the magnitude of the systems we’re putting in, longevity is crucial to the productivity, efficiency and safety of the industrial manufacturers and utilities we serve. Although hardware and software often require regular upgrades, the control system architecture we program should last a long time even through multiple technology upgrades. The other benefit we have as an engineering firm is that we are able to customize and configure components to allow our customer’s own personnel to utilize those same components for a multitude of tasks or differing recipes.”

Asked what their geographic range is today, Wendy Huffman replied, “Our geographic area currently is Nebraska and the contiguous states, Kansas, Iowa, South Dakota, Colorado, and Wyoming. We now have an office in Colorado, so we can reach further west. When our valued customers ask us to reach beyond our traditional borders we do. We have been asked to go other places, based on the abilities that we have, especially for manufacturers.”

Asked why choose Huffman Engineering, Inc., Wendy Huffman told CEOCFO, “Huffman Engineering is the company that would be selected because someone wants a product that works, that works well, and works the way they want it to. Our tagline is “Making Ideas Work,” and our core values support that, from simplifying the complex and embracing difficult challenges and making others successful, among others. What we do is we care about our customers and clients in their success as well as our own. If someone is going for a low price, it might not be us. However, if they are going for high value, we would be the company that they would choose, one that is eligible, that listens, and can accomplish the task.”

Howard Huffman “Therefore, we have to be a part of their team, not just a contractor. The results we get are partially due to the process we take, the documentation that we furnish, the testing that we do. It is going to work when we are done, and we have proven that over and over, so there is a confidence. You mentioned earlier about nervousness. There is always nervousness when you do something new, but there is a confidence at the end, that this is going to work, and it is going to work well.”

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