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How to Replace a Shingle – DIY Roof Repair

How To/DIY How to replace a shingle safely

HOUSTON, TX, USA, June 7, 2022 / — 10 Contractors, of Houston, TX, announces its step-by-step, DIY, shingle replacement and roof repair “how to” guide. They offer a range of property restoration and maintenance services in the Houston area, such as commercial and residential roof leak repair, residential wooden fence repair, residential concrete services, asphalt sealcoating, plus more. They can be found at

A more detailed DIY step-by-step guide with pictures can be found at How to replace a shingle.

So, you want to fix that eye sore of a roof shingle that is loose, worn or has blown off from a previous storm. Here are some step-by-step instructions on how to do so.

Skill Level Required:

– Advanced Handy Man/DIY Skills

Roofing Supplies Needed:

– Matching Shingles

– Roofing Nails

– 10 Ounce Plastic Cement Tube

Roofing Tools:

– Hammer

– Flat Pry Bar

– Ladder

– Caulking Gun

Safety Supplies:

– Lanyard safety harness attached to the roof via anchor.

– Bungees/Tie downs to secure the ladder to the roof.

– Roofing jacks

Step-by-Step How to:

1. Position the Ladder

Set your ladder up making sure the legs are firmly planted and stable, with the ladder extending 2 to 3 feet past the roof and secured to the roof using nails and bungees/tie downs. After job is done remove nails and apply a dab of plastic cement to each hole.

After the ladder is set up, stand directly in front of the ladder with the tip of your feet at the base of the ladder, lift and extend your arms directly in front of you. With your arms extended, you should be able to make contact with the ladder somewhere from your finger tips to the middle of your palms.

You can also use the 4-to-1 rule: for every 4 meters of ladder/roof contact, place the ladder legs 1 meter away to get a safe ladder incline angle.

2. Is the Roof to Steep to Walk?

If the roof pitch is less than an 8/12 roof pitch and you can walk and work on the roof in a safe and confident manner, skip to step 4.

If the roof is steeper than a 7/12 roof pitch or you cannot walk and work on the roof safely, use a lanyard safety harness attached to a roof anchor and roof jacks.

Please follow all instructions provided with any safety equipment you use.

3. Remove Shingle

Using a pry bar, work your way under the front edge of the shingle you are replacing; gently pry up on the shingle tab.

Working from one end of the shingle to the other, break the bond from the shingle beneath the one you are replacing.

Next, loosen the bond of the tabs on the 2 shingles that are just above the one you are replacing; now use your pry bar and insert it once again beneath the shingle you are replacing.

This time, work your bar gently all the way under the shingle; and to the location of each nail that is inserted, with a gentle motion, use the bar to pry the shingle and nail up to loosen the nails one by one.

With nails loose, use one hand and gently lift the shingle tabs of the above shingle you are removing. This will give you access to the loose nails. Using the pry bar, pry the nails out one by one.

To remove a shingle being replaced, you will need to remove the nails from the shingles just above.

Note: Take care when using your pry bar not to pry to hard or you will damage the surrounding shingles. Take extra caution on old roof shingles or in cold weather, as shingles will be easier to damage. If any shingles are damaged, replace them.

4. Install Replacement Shingle

– Slide the shingle into position.

– Hammer nails into the shingle using the nail pattern of the shingle you removed.

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