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How to differentiate between 100% Human Hairs and Synthetic Hair Blends

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The factors to consider when planning to buy hair. There are ways to differentiate between original and synthetic hair blends.

JOHANNESBURG, JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA, September 11, 2022 / — Steps to Determine Quality Hairs: Human Hair versus Synthetic Hair Blends

Human Hair as the name implies is the type of hair made by a single donor. They are not styled or processed, only washed. They possess all the characteristics of human hair. They feel natural, look good, and give no stress of any form. On the other hand, Synthetic Hair is those types gotten from animal fiber and is chemically processed to serve the same purpose which is to make a woman look nice and sweet.

However, some purposes can be achieved when in the possession of any of the two yet we can’t say the two are the same. Synthetic Hair can hold its style when wet. It can maintain its original style but Human Hair can be restyled to any desirable style of your choice. This can only be accredited to real human hair because when washed it stays at its desirable position, unlike the other.

How to Differentiate Between Synthetic Hair and Pure Human Hair?

To differentiate between the two by looking at it can be confusing at times. This is because they look perfect and beautiful thereby making one unable to differentiate. Nevertheless, Sarhap HairLine is here to teach you what you need to know about quality hair. Read to the end to learn more.

9 Ways to Differentiate Quality Hair and Synthetic Hair Blends

• One can determine the quality of the hair from the amount of its shininess. Low qualities are shinier in looking.

• Pure Human Hair blends perfectly with natural human Hair. When it blends with the natural color of hair, it will be difficult to differentiate both.

• Quality hair feels natural, real, and softer. It doesn’t inch on the body, it is not heavy.

• Quality hair can be straightened when it is curly. Synthetic hair blends are resistant to heat. They can not be hot combed to maintain a straight look.

• The price is another factor to determine if it’s real or fiber. While synthetic hair is ridiculously cheap, pure Human Hair is expensive to purchase.

• Changing from one color to another is always possible with Human Hair. It can be bleached to any desired color of one’s choice.

• When Human hair is flamed, it catches fire and immediately curls into a little ball and smells like real human hair. A synthetic hair melts slowly with black smoke smelling like burnt rubber.

• When quality Human hair is combed, it sheds a little but synthetic hair sheds much when a finger is incorporated into it.

• Pure Human Hair curls when it is wet. Deep a Human Hair inside a bucket of water, it will form beautiful waves.

Between Synthetic Hair and Pure Human Hair, Which one is Better?

They both are great and fit in perfectly but can not be the same. It depends majorly on one’s budget. Of course, prices are not the same either. Human Hair is superior and more expensive. When handled with care and maintenance, quality Human Hair can last up to a year and further with the same beauty as when newly purchased.

Synthetic Hair is not 100% human hair. Depending on the processing techniques employed, some of the synthetic hair we have are 60% human hair and 40% fiber which makes it different from the others though it may serve the same purpose.

It can now be determined which one is better among the two. So when trying to get quality hair, the factors above should be considered before spending our money on products that will not last.

Where to Get Quality Human Hair in Johannesburg?

South Africa is known as one of the best cities that source their products directly from the manufacturers in Vietnamese and India. There are different hair stores to get hair products and accessories, the big question remains the exact place it could be found.

Having known the difference between quality hair and synthetic hair, any store that offers less is selling synthetic hair. A cheap commodity is not always durable.

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