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How Meta alert & SHO call helped save youth’s life in Ghaziabad | Ghaziabad News

GHAZIABAD: An alert from Meta and alacrity of an SHO helped dissuade a 23- year-old from attempting suicide in his house at Vijay Nagar on Tuesday night. The youngster, a BSc graduate from Kannauj, was under distress after he lost Rs 90,000 in a failed business. The money had been earmarked by his family for his sister’s wedding.
Around 10pm on Tuesday, cops said, the man started a Facebook Live video and said he had no option but to kill himself as his family was suffering because of his decisions. Some Meta officials spotted the Live and immediately alerted UP Police at the Lucknow headquarters, sharing the man’s social media account, his phone number and location with the cops. This allowed the cyber team to trace his IP address to Pratap Vihar in Vijay Nagar, and pass the baton to their counterparts in Ghaziabad. It was 10.30pm by the time Vijay Nagar SHO Anita Chauhan got to know about the video and could deploy teams to search for the youngster. She knew cops may not find the youngster’s house in time — there are some 500-odd houses in the area — so, she decided to try his phone.
“The phone was ringing, but he didn’t pick up initially. While two teams were going through the block in Pratap Vihar, he picked my call on the eighth try,” she told TOI on Thursday. First, Chauhan introduced herself and assured the graduate that police won’t take any action against him. “Then I asked him questions to understand his reasons. When I asked him about his family, he started crying and told me he lost Rs 90,000 that his mother had saved up for his sister’s wedding. He calmed down after a while and I asked him to have a glass of water. He refused to give me his address, but after 10 minutes of trying, he told me,” the SHO said.
Armed with the knowledge, Chauhan signalled to her juniors and handed them his house number. “They alerted the team on the spot, and until then, I made him promise that he won’t attempt suicide again. The police team reached his house by 11pm and we brought him to the station,” Chauhan said. Ghaziabad assistant commissioner of police Anshu Jain said the youngster had left his job at a Gurgaon-based company in March 2022 to start his own business of selling secondhand mobile phones. “Six months back, he started the business after taking the money from his mother. He had promised his mother that he would return it this year, but he lost all of it in the business,” the ACP said. On Tuesday, the BSc graduate was counseled by the SHO and her team for two hours, until his family members came in. He is now back in Kannauj with them

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