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How Experience Became an Authentic Tale for Pauley Lane Band "The Lizard Lounge"

“An effected mode we used to go into when driving on the road for a couple of days touring”, this mode led them into lounges and nice venues.

Super Sound”

— Judy Cockerton

READING, BERKSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, August 5, 2022 / — Experience teaches us many things, but it is how these are utilized that really matters. For Wyatt Pauley and the band, their experience is always a reality that can be heard in all their productions, one that their audience can relate and connect, all based on real life happenings and events.

This leads us to “The Lizard Lounge” their newly released Album which we are delighted to share with you because there is an associated authentic tale contained with every song. The title deriving from An effected mode we used to go into when driving on the road for a couple of days touring explained Wyatt (pic Wyatt Pauley & Ivan King). This mode led them into “lounges” nice venues, music, food and beverages accompanied with great conversations, Reality kicked in when they came across a bar with the exact same name “The Lizard Lounge” all that is left to do is kick back and unwind to an assortment of well written and composed musical productions.

The Lizard Lounge comprises an assortment of tracks from variety genres. “Social Misconduct”, we all love social media for one reason or another, our world wouldn’t be the same without it. However, incidents like defamation, fraudulent activities, abuse, manipulation, lying, cheating, “Deception” has no boundaries and or limits for the heartless, ignited by perhaps self-importance. An opportunity to listen and enjoy the sarcasm which you will come across in some of the band’s productions. Another title on the album “Online World Digital Girl”, nudity, prostitution, does not make our platforms so social.

Highlights from the album is FIRST TIME which can be heard 09:38 minutes when listening.
It is so easy to dwell on negativities and get frustrated especially when one feel as though they have been given a “raw deal” in life. Things like these can lead into a mental state of “depression” and have an extremely serious impact on our lives. “Why cry over things we cannot change? An uplifting song that invites it’s audience to “take a look on the brighter side of life”, erasing negativities and turn them into positives, where the mind goes the body will follow, with patience, everything can just turn around. FIRST TIME delivers mid-tempo instrumentals, displaying an acoustic guitar that speaks to you when words cannot, showcasing awesome soft vocals. A demo of this song was recorded many years ago on a mini-disc and was recently recovered by Wyatt alongside “Dime In My Pocket”, up-tempo mix that will uplift any mood and have you swinging and swaying to the beautiful sounds of jazz. “Lonely Won’t Leave Me Alone” (remix of lonely) kicking drum and bass instruments enriched with soft tone vocals.

Pauley Lane Band specializes in Americana, Alternative Rock with County in the background. However, their expertise has no limits. Formed by Wyatt (riot) Pauley 10 years ago, better known as the lead guitarist from late 80’s to early 90’s pop boy-band Linear. The group’s original member’s “Charlie Pennachio” and “Raul Pestrol” achieved a Top5 Billboard hit single with “Sending All My Love”. Certified Gold and Platinum in US, Colombia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Chile and the Philippines. After the band departed Pauley recorded and toured with King Bria Band. Appearing as “Opening Acts” for “Hootie And The blowfish” and “Brother Cane” before returning to “Soko” on Atlantic Records Label. They reunited in 2021 and performed Live at Miramar Music Festival, Florida in November.
A remixed “FunkU” version of the single was released by Pauley Lane Band on their Album “The Long Road Back”. This is amongst a string of other catalogue’s the band has produced, including “Sophie & Wyatt, Out of Necessity and Dog Days” to name a few.

Each musician has made their dreams come through and toured the world. All that awaits is a global audience whom recognizes and appreciates the sounds of great music, extreme talent from independent musicians with decades of experience combined. Known as the underground, whom are often overlooked, under-rated and over shadowed by the
mainstream artists.

The release date for “The Lizard Lounge” compilation is 5th August 2022 and will be available in all major downloading and streaming platforms via In-Ex Records self- distributed site.

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In-Ex Records
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Pauley Lane Band “The Lizard Lounge”

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