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Horoscope Today, September 20, 2021: See your daily astrology prediction for Cancer, Leo & Pisces

Cancer, Leo and Pisces sign people need to keep their partner involved and be sensitive to their mood. What should you be cautious about?  Read your daily horoscope to know.


Aries sign people will turn everything favourable on the work front by making the right moves at the right time. You will leave no stone unturned in completing your current projects efficiently and with an aplomb. A new romance is budding and this may turn out to be the final one for those who are single and want to enter into the game of matrimony. A lucrative deal will bring monetary windfall.


Taurus sign people will manage to navigate tricky problems on the work front with ease. It will be an easy day after a phase of struggle and strife. You will be happy with the smooth flow of activities. A lucrative money-making venture will emerge from somewhere and give you a direction to consolidate your position on the financial front. You will be wise and prudent in your interactions and while making decisions.


Gemini sign people will make a major breakthrough on the financial front and also in their professional matters. You will make the right moves at the right time and keep things under your control. Your efficient and wise approach will lead to closing of several files and new beginnings. Do not speak harshly even if people make mistakes. It will not help your cause. Take utmost care of your health as you are likely to have a headache out of stress.


Cancer sign people need to remain alert on the professional front and also on the financial front. A crafty person may try to push you to make some unwise decisions and invest your money in unproductive schemes. You will convince your life partner about your ideas and get him to follow your plan. You must improve your lifestyle and take your exercise regime rather seriously. Otherwise, there will be discomfort and physical debility.


Leo sign people will find positive development bringing excitement and contentment. If you take a unilateral decision, you will have to suffer the consequences alone. It is advised to discuss every step with your colleagues or partners before finalizing your approach. You are likely to gain prestige for something done very intelligently in the recent past. You will come across lucrative money-making ventures.


Virgo sign people must consider a healthy diet to overcome their ailments. They need to pay continued attention to their health and fitness. Your work will move at a normal pace without any obstacles or major happenings. A lucrative financial happening is indicated in the stars which will bring surplus cash. You will do your best to overcome all the hurdles and iron out the battles in routine life activities. There will be a celebratory mood at home. Cash transactions require caution.


Libra sign people are likely to make multiple financial gains which will bring excitement and contentment. You will make a breakthrough in resolving some of your current problems. It is an auspicious day to organize a gathering or a ceremony at home. You will enjoy good food and a deep sleep today. Spending time with small children will prove therapeutic. Control your spending and be careful while travelling.  


Scorpio sign people are close to achieving something big and new. Returns from past investments are likely to help in achieving a higher financial standing. There will be some anxiety at the back of your mind. Be attentive to even minor signs of illness or discomfort and take care of yourself. You may feel slightly irritable on account of too much work on your shoulders, but you will feel good at the end of the day having completed it all. Mind your words and be soft.


Sagittarius sign people will accomplish something on the work front which will bring fame as well as satisfaction. You will be wise and prudent while taking steps on the financial front. You will surely improve your financial position. You remain poised favourably on the academic front especially, if you are applying for higher education. This will be a day of enjoying some of the forbidden pleasures. You might buy an expensive gadget.


Capricorn sign people will succeed in generating new avenues of earning. You will go to bed for sure with a sense of achievement on the financial front. You will maintain an upper hand over your competitors if you are in a business in which daily revenue matters. This is not a good day to take liberties with your lover or spouse. Academic front looks bright for the seekers of admission as well as knowledge. Avoid giving angry reactions to your family members.  


Aquarius sign people are likely to remain on the forefront at the workplace. You will remain comfortable in your space and make several small level achievements. You are likely to have the confidence to approach your boss for some unpleasant issues and convince him about your ideas and approach. This is a favourable day to organize a gathering of your loved ones. Part payment of an outstanding amount may come very suddenly.


Pisces sign people must remain cautious as someone may sweet-talk them into investing into a dubious financial scheme. Your boss is watching every move made by you so improve your performance and take some initiatives. Your life partner is likely to be in an unpredictable and irritable form so don’t approach sensitive issues. There will be challenges on the academic side, so pull up your socks. Health needs care.

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