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High-Flying Indian Investor Salaman Khan Takes Aim At OnlyFans

On October 1st the popular social media platform OnlyFans intends to ban “sexually explicit” content from its website, and not everybody is happy about it.

In August OnlyFans announced its decision to prohibit users from posting “sexually explicit” content. The service announced that the ban would take effect on October 1st. OnlyFans explained that they were forced to take this step because of growing pressure from banks and payment services.

A week after the announcement, OnlyFans abandoned the idea of prohibiting users from posting pornographic material, as announced by the platform’s administration via Twitter. Many content creators were clearly relieved, but concerns remain, as some believe that it is only a matter of time before OnlyFans will again be forced to ban them.

In the last few days, a trader and an Angel investor by the name of Salaman Khan began to receive messages from OnlyFans users, worried that they will lose their livelihoods, owing to the fact it remains highly likely that the company will indeed decide to implement this initiative and ban many creators.

Salaman talked to the girls and learned that many of them are from India. Platforms, like OnlyFans, are gaining popularity in this country and a lot of young girls are forced to make it their main source of income because the COVID-19 pandemic has made it impossible to find a well-paying job. Naturally, Salaman was shocked to discover that such a situation was occuring in his own country.

In the light of such disturbing news, Salaman decided to show these girls that they are much smarter than they think, and that with a little bit of knowledge they can become successful without the need to sell their bodies to complete strangers.

He asks that any girls who need his assistance send a direct message marked ONLYFANS, and he will provide all the help he can.

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