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HealthBanks Uses BioArchive® to Preserve Cells

HealthBanks has a unique way to preserve cells using revolutionary cell storage technology.

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 21, 2022 / — HealthBanks Biotech, Inc. (“HealthBanks” or the “Company”), a premium U.S. stem cell and immune cell bank headquartered in Irvine, CA, today announced that it uses BioArchive® to preserve cells.

Cell storage technology is the most overlooked factor in making an informed decision when choosing cell banking, yet it is also one of the most critical components that ensures the clinical readiness, viability and safety of your preserved cells. There are two major technologies to consider:

• MVE Dewar Tank – This is the most commonly used cell storage technology at many private cell banks. This tank provides a very convenient and economical way to store cellular products.

• Smart Robotic Controlled Cell Storage Tank – HealthBanks uses the BioArchive®– a unique and advanced robotic controlled storage system to preserve your cells. No other US private cell bank uses this technology due to its high cost. The BioArchive® is the Tesla of the cell storage technology industry as opposed to the Volkswagen that other private cell bank companies use. Major US public cell banks such as NY Blood Center, MD Anderson, Cleveland Clinics and Duke University all use this technology due to stricter FDA requirements on public cell banks. HealthBanks uses this advanced technology to provide the most premium service offerings to our customers.

HealthBanks and its affiliated companies have been at the forefront of innovative technologies as pioneers in the cell banking industry. In 2008, HealthBanks was the first cord blood bank in the world to introduce cord tissue banking which is now a common service adopted by all cord blood banks worldwide. In 2021, Healthbanks launched $19.99/month cord blood banking, making cord blood banking truly affordable to every family.

In 2020, HealthBanks was the first in the world to introduce GMP-compliant banking service of adult immune cells which can be utilized in future applications for CAR-T cell therapy and other immunotherapies for cancer. Healthbanks continues to make great strides in the fast-growing cell banking industry as the first and only cell bank to offer comprehensive banking services of newborn’s cord blood, cord tissue, cord tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells and adult immune cells in the U.S.

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About HealthBanks Biotech, Inc.
HealthBanks, headquartered in Irvine, CA, is one of the most comprehensive stem cell and immune cell networks in the world and offers services globally through itself and its affiliated companies located in the United States and other regions of the world. HealthBanks is accredited by the U.S. FDA, AABB, and CLIA. HealthBanks Biotech, Inc. was originally founded in 2001 with a vision that stem cells and other cell-based therapies will be the next pillar in medicine and transform the future of health. For more information about HealthBanks, please visit:

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