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Happilo, The King of Snac’king’ Opens its Doors to Seamless Gifting

It is officially that time of the year where every family comes together to celebrate the spirit of festivities like Navratri, Dhanteras, Dussehra, Diwali and Christmas with their near and dear ones. Many might be celebrating this festive season away from home, but this should not take the edge of the spirit away this season. To ensure that the festive spirit is lived up to without any compromise on health and happiness, Happilo brings to one and all, its exotic and radiant range of Festive Gifting options especially curated to indulge in the joy of gifting.


Celebratory Gifting with Happilo’s Exotic Range of Hampers


The introduction of an affordable yet premium range allows Happilo to deliver health and happiness to every doorstep in its truest sense ensuring long-lived relations. Happilo has explored a selection of untapped avenues where several individuals are on the lookout for the perfect gift throughout the year. With the brand’s unique approach and effort to keep customer satisfaction its key focus they have launched a range of gifting options to address every celebratory occasion and not just the festive season.


In India, gifting is not restricted only to the festive season but is also indulged in for a manifold of other occasions such as the wedding season, birthdays, anniversaries, and various hallmark days like Valentines’ Day, Father’s Day and so on. Since the onset of the pandemic there has been a shift in consumer tastes and preferences from traditional mannerisms wherein consumers are now on the lookout for healthier gifting alternatives keeping in mind the safety of their loved ones with hygiene, accessibility and health becoming indispensable attributes of gifting. Owing to this shift, the brand has adopted advanced technological practices to ensure no-human intervention through the entire value chain with world-class post-production practices in place. Bearing in mind the consumer psychology and ever-increasing rise in occasions, Happilo is here to offer a spectrum of exotic choices to choose from. To give every occasion the right attention it deserves, the brand offers consumers personalised gift hampers for every celebration.


Happilo’s exotic range of superfoods like dried fruits, nuts, berries, seeds, trail mixes and a variety of other healthy yet delicious options sourced from the finest farms nationally and internationally make for the most ideal gift for any occasion. Hailing from a country where celebrations inevitably come along with the preparation of delicacies, the brand also lays prime focus on providing young women and mother’s the finest range of products that can be incorporated in every dish, thus propagating healthier alternatives for festive recipes like Navratri, Diwali, and Puja offerings without compromising on health or taste.


No matter one’s geographical presence, everyone can experience a seamless and hassle-free gifting process with the brand’s vast presence across E-commerce giants such as Amazon, Flipkart, Big basket and more, along with 40 channel partners to 5000+ modern retail and general trades. Additionally, the brand has also launched a line of hampers starting at Rs. 225/- ranging up to Rs. 1999/- to ensure mass affordability.


Vikas Nahar, Founder of Happilo stated, “As a brand that lays great focus on catering to customers’ needs, Happilo has invested in R&D to open up greater avenues to ensure that no segment is left untouched. We aim at creating a cohesive market for individuals looking for healthier alternatives throughout the year for every occasion and not just the festive season. Happilo aims to foster and nourish not just bonds but also one’s overall health through the introduction of the finest products.”


Rajiv Singh, Head of Marketing for the brand commented, “There exists ample scope to propagate healthier lifestyle choices among people from different sections and segments. Happilo, through the introduction of different ranges, is constantly working to spread health and happiness among one and all. With a wide range of products and word-class practices adopted, Happilo is here to ensure overall nourishment of bonds as well as everyday health.”


Happilo’s unique approach and in-depth R&D has led the brand to introduce a wider range of options to tap into the B2B (Business-to-Business), B2E (Business-to-Employees), and B2C (Business-to-Consumer) segments respectively.


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