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Habits of Successful Business Leaders

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Some people make their success look effortless and even spontaneous or accidental, but behind every polished facade is a discipline and work ethic that anchors an impressive professional performance. While there is no shortage of quirks, eccentricities, and lucky breaks that may play a role in one’s good fortunes, most successful people share a set of habits that serve to prepare them for that fortuitous intersection where preparation meets opportunity. 

Here we distill habits that are easy to adopt from four of Propelify Tech Innovation’s 2021 keynote speakers. 


“For years yoga and meditation have been part of my everyday life. Competence and effectiveness are hugely impacted by our ability to stay focused and make calculated judgments. Many of us operate with an “always-on” attitude, and our attention is constantly divided between any number of competing priorities. I find that yoga and meditation help me stay focused, helps to eradicate background noise, and allows me to think more clearly and make better decisions.” — Sampath Sowmyanarayan, Chief Revenue Officer, Verizon Business 

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“I learned a long time ago that it’s too easy to let tasks – whether it’s documents to read, emails or phone messages to return, or even decisions I need to make – pile up, even as new tasks roll in. My philosophy is to only handle an item once. I do my best to answer emails or address problems as they come in, as quickly and completely as I can, before moving on to the next task. That way, I’m able to ensure my days remain productive – while also helping those people who work with me to stay productive because they’re not waiting for me to answer their questions or make a decision.” — Ralph Izzo Chairman, President and CEO


“I learned long ago to embrace new technologies – from securing information to communicating with clients and colleagues, to document production and review.  While new technologies often can appear to be frightening or off-putting, I find that when appropriately integrated and utilized, they offer more time for client connectivity and enhance our delivery of higher value problem-solving services, enabling us to reduce the labor intensity of commodity-type work and process.” — Dave Sorin Chair of Venture Capital and Emerging Growth Companies Practice @ McCarter & English

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“I pray every day. I enter my day humble but confident in my ability to execute the mission of the organization I represent with excellence while providing value to those that invest. Lastly, I am self-motivated, determined and if something has been done before, then I can do it as well.” — John Harmon Founder, President and CEO at The African American Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey

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