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Guided Journal Offers Spiritual Seekers a Step-by-Step Tracking Method to Grow Their Connection With Angels

Devon Duerr’s “Book of Evidence: Proof your Angels are With You” shows readers how they can deepen their personal spiritual connections by writing them down

The fastest path to connecting confidently with your angels is to record your experiences.”

— Devon Duerr

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, March 17, 2022 / — “We’ve all experienced gut feelings. Coincidences that don’t seem random. A sense of being guided in a certain direction. These are all signs of our intuition, the built-in navigation system each of us is born with.” — Devon Duerr, author of Book of Evidence.

In her new book, Book of Evidence-Proof your angels are with you, Angel Intuitive and Spiritual Teacher Devon Duerr shows readers how to connect with their intuitive abilities and create new neural pathways to their intuition by writing down intuitive experiences.

Angels are always with us, ready to guide relationships, careers, health, and even the most minor details of daily life. When asked for guidance, the angels help people make choices that move them toward their highest good. Connecting and communicating with these angels comes from learning to use and trust our intuition.

Over years of teaching and coaching others to identify and understand the role of intuition in their lives, Duerr cites one key element that has helped people the most ̶ tracking intuitive experiences by writing them down. Through Duerr’s Whole Life journaling method that utilizes customized intuition and energetic influence trackers, “Book of Evidence-Proof your angels are with you” offers a sacred place for those seeking a deeper spiritual connection to organize and record:

-Encounters with angels, spirit guides, passed-away loved ones, ancestors, etc.
-Signs and messages including dreams with symbols, signs, and guidance
-Moon phases and how they affect personal astrology
-Effects of numerology in your daily life
-Tarot, oracle card messages and totem symbols
-Prayer requests and answers

Users of Book of Evidence will learn about the ways they receive intuitive information through the discipline of writing down experiences and requests for guidance, which enable them to track their intuition and help deepen their connection with Divine guidance.
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Book of Evidence, Proof your angels are with you
By Devon Duerr
Imprint: Build Intention, LLC
On sale: March 17, 2022
Price: $74.95
Pages: 250
ISBN: 979-8-9853277-0-0




Devon Duerr is a recognized intuition teacher, speaker, and writer. She holds certifications as an Angel Intuitive, Angel Card Reader, Animal Communicator, and Reiki Master, with training in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Scalar Wave Energy for promoting energy and healing. Duerr is the author of “Is it a Sign? How to recognize signs and discover their meaning,” and her latest work, “Book of Evidence: Proof your angels are with you,” which features a guide and template-based methods for developing and tracking intuitive abilities, developing a deeper relationship with angels, organizing goals, and connecting with divine guidance.

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