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Grevol Receives 5,000 Units Requirement from E-commerce and Logistics Players for EV Cargo Vehicles

Green Evolve Private Limited (Grevol), manufacturer of high performance Electric Cargo Three wheelers has completed B2B trials with leading E-commerce and logistics companies. The objective of the trials was to find a sustainable alternative for the existing fleet of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles presently used for their last mile delivery operations.


Grevol’s zero emission electric three wheeler cargo vehicle


Extensive trials were conducted with a dynamic payload capacity of upto 1 Tonne in actual intra-city logistics operations within a 70 to 120 km distance per day, over a period of 6 months.


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“The most impressive feedback shared by our customers was the range that they were able to get even with heavy payloads of upto 1 Tonne,” shared Jayant Gupta, CEO of Grevol. “Customers at first were apprehensive to push the delivery boundary for a run from Airport to delivery hubs across the city. We urged them to use the vehicles like conventional vehicles and they were delightfully surprised with the results, giving them confidence to introduce EVs into their fleets.”


Grevol claims its EV is one of India’s largest in the three wheeler category, with a 170 cu ft loading volume and a 750 kg acceptable payload capacity, while providing a range of 120 km. The Grevol EV is also one of India’s first electric commercial vehicles compatible with fast charging capabilities using DC001 public charging infrastructure, allowing it to run multiple day shifts and have a positive impact on the driver’s income.


Grevol’s EV was able to meet the most challenging field requirement of customers like Flipkart Grocery and Big Basket, requiring a vehicle having similar volumetric capacity to a Tata Ace for operations in multiple slots in a day.


Similarly, the vehicles were also put into real time logistics operations with Delhivery, Safexpress and Om Logistics, India’s leading warehousing and logistics giants. “These trials involved real-time delivery operations for different load and cargo profiles including auto components, medicines, apparels, industrial goods, etc. across long distances and even basement ramps with upto 22% gradient. However this posed no challenge for our powerful drivetrain and met all their requirements satisfactorily,” shares Jayant.


Grevol’s CTO, Mr. Sanjay Aggarwal added, “The idea is not just to provide this impressive performance today, but even after 3-5 years. That would truly deliver the envisaged cost benefit of an EV. Our patented thermal management system, battery management technology, proprietary software, all ensure that the battery performance has the minimum degradation over 5 years.”


“We plan to start deliveries by November 2021, and due to the overwhelming response, are in the process of scaling-up the production. We will be working closely with our customers to ensure that their requirements are met and expectations exceeded from our vehicles.”


Mr. Munish Goyal, an early stage investor in Grevol and Chairman of Madhav Stelco, one of North India’s leading structural steel manufacturers having a turnover of 100 million USD, stated, “We were very impressed by the technical team and acumen of Grevol, and it is very exciting to see them deliver such performance of the vehicle much ahead of schedule. We will be participating in the growth phase now, and plan to become one of India’s leading e-3 wheeler companies in the next 12 months.”


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