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Govt brainstorms social media policy to woo people | India News

NEW DELHI: In the build up to next year’s Lok Sabha election, the government has asked ministers and departments to send out messages and details of government initiatives focused on different targeted segments, with a clear distinction made for age groups. They have been urged to be active on different social media platforms, instead of limiting their feeds to Twitter, and depend only on press releases.
The details of how different age groups of people are using different social media platforms was presented by information and broadcasting secretary Apruva Chandra on Sunday at the meeting of the council of ministers chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which was also attended by all secretaries at the Centre. Sources familiar with the deliberations told TOI that there was a lot of focus on information dissemination through mediums and on diverse platforms of communication, particularly when social media platforms such as Instagram have greater following among the younger age groups.
One of the major outcomes of the brainstorming session was the decision to amplify the steps the government has taken for all sections of society, in order to plug the apparent weakness in spreading the positive narrative of good governance and several welfare measures.
The PM asked all ministers and secretaries to spread the word about the good work and major decisions taken for welfare of all citizens amid concerns that lagging on this may provide an opening to “others” to create a contrary perception about the government, sources said.
The PM made these remarks when cabinet secretary Rajiv Gauba made an hour-long presentation on the work done by the government, particularly for the welfare and ease of living of the middle class since 2014 when the government took office. Gauba’s presentation went into great detail to explain how the government has taken care of the middle class while taking any policy decision, in a bid to sensitise the attendees the need for an intense and effective dissemination of government initiatives. The message comes just ahead of the budget, when there is a clamour from the vocal segment of the population for more tax benefits.
“The message was clear …doing things is good, but (it is) not good enough. We need to reach out to everyone and to every section,” said a source.

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