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GoFungibles Announces Launch of New GameFi Platform

GameFi is set to be the next big innovation in the gaming industry.

ROAD TOWN, BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS, November 21, 2021 / — GoFungibles is pleased to announce the launch of its brand-new GameFi Platform.

GoFungibles Technology Ltd. is a prodigious blend of conventional NFT marketplace, play-to-earn mobile game, and a gateway for accessing DeFi markets and NFT backed capital. By gamifying distinct DeFi activities like yield farming and staking on the platform, GoFungibles aims to increase the liquidity of digital assets and give users access to a spectrum of new DeFi options while providing an intuitive front end-user experience.

GoFungibles will address contemporary issues such as illiquidity, fragmentation, and high gas fees while diminishing entry barriers plaguing the NFTs market.

In the company’s latest news, GoFungibles is providing gamers, investors, and the general public with key information about how to navigate the world of the GameFi ecosystem through its platform. According to the company, GameFi is the next big innovation in the gaming industry and will have a dramatic impact of blockchain gaming, more specifically.

“Traditional gaming today happens on centralized platforms that house vast amounts of data storage,” says a spokesperson for the company. “These platforms own all in-game assets, whether skins, abilities or avatars. Users don’t own any of the assets, and they cannot be ported to other platforms. With GameFi, however, gaming platforms built on blockchain have the potential to offer distinct advantages to players, such as data privacy and sovereignty, ownership of in-game assets as NFTs, play-to-earn capability with fungible tokens, and connections to decentralized finance solutions.”

With the gaming market being one of the fastest-growing and most prominent forms of entertainment, and with over one billion gaming streamers anticipated by 2025, GoFungibles is aiming to leverage blockchain resources to boost the gaming experience for its users by bringing gaming and decentralized liquid assets together. This includes:

• The Metarun game is the first Play-To-Earn multiplayer running game where the users have the absolute ownership of all in-game assets.

• Users can earn $GFTS tokens, the native token of the GoFungibles ecosystem and limited-edition NFTs by playing the Metarun game.

• Using the platform’s DeFi portal, users can stake their $GFTS tokens for rewards, earning more $GFTS tokens.

• A first in the blockchain gaming or DeFi spaces, users can also stake their NFTs and receive $GFTS tokens for rewards.

• Users can even rent out their NFTs to other players or sell their NFT on the platform’s NFT marketplace.

• Fungibility: the $GFTS token is an ERC-20 token built using the Polygon sidechain solution, enabling the tokens to be stored on a MetaMask or other ERC-20 software wallets.

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About GoFungibles

GoFungibles is a blend of conventional NFT marketplace and a play-to-earn mobile game. It is also a gateway for accessing DeFi markets and NFT-backed capital.

The platform’s addictive and fun multiplayer mobile runner game features high-end graphics, smooth gameplay, a crypto economy, and NFT digital assets.

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