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Glance’s Roposo forays into online shopping with launch of creator-led live commerce

Roposo, a consumer internet platform and part of the InMobi Group, has made its foray into the online commerce space with creator-led live entertainment commerce.

The new ecommerce platform of Roposo will add a new dimension to online shopping with the coming together of creators, content and commerce.

“Our intent is to build the largest platform for creator-led live shopping in India, and take it to Southeast Asia and the US, in the coming quarters. There is a rising global demand for immersive shopping experiences that closely replicate the offline world, online,” said Piyush Shah, Co-founder of InMobi Group and President & COO of Glance.

He further noted that live streaming commerce, conducted by talented creators, is becoming a successful way to meet that demand.

Roposo started as a short video platform, and was acquired in 2019 by Glance, another consumer internet company of the InMobi Group. It currently has 30 million monthly active users with over 500k creators and 2000 plus merchants.

Now, the combination of users of Roposo and Glance is expected to add the heft to the entire live commerce segment. Added to this, Glance had acquired Shop101, a social commerce platform in June this year.

According to Piyush, the young generation are led by influencer content rather than intent buying on a conventional ecommerce platform and these consumers need the element of fun, authentic along with a real-world experience that will be driven by content creators. It would be like live virtual mall environment.

The live commerce platform of Roposo also provides the opportunity for content creators to become entrepreneurs also as they would be driving the marketing of these products.

Mansi Jain, Vice President and General Manager, Roposo, said, “While we have several big celebrities, the real hero for Roposo will be creators; be it the young fashion designer from Mangalore who wants to live-stream her collection on Roposo and sell nationwide on her own pop store, or the indie rapper from Punjab who wants to reach millions through a ticketed concert.”

According to Mansi, these content creators are not only experts in their domain but also have authentic connections with their audience, and are skilled at influencing buying decisions.

According to Roposo, live commerce will also power the country’s creator economy, through multiple entrepreneurial opportunities.

Besides creating live experiences, creators can also run their own multi-brand pop stores on Roposo

Piyush said, “The classic short video is much more passive but bringing it to live commerce makes it far more engaging and creates sustainable means of income for the creators.”

For now, the live commerce platform of Roposo will be lifestyle products around the categories like fashion and beauty, health and fitness, electronics, home décor, to name a few. It will also look at partnering with various D2C brands.

Roposo is looking to add around 100 million users, which also includes Glance, over the next 12 months. This would also include 500 brands on the platform and over 1,000 creators.

Glance also recently launched its Glance Live to bring content on the lock screens of smartphones and Roposo will be one of the major content developers.

Edited by Saheli Sen Gupta

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