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Girish Pathak, 19-Year-Old Founder of Koinbee, an Innovative Crypto Trading App Launching in 2022

Delhi, India

Girish Pathak is a 19-year-old crypto guru who started investing in crypto and stocks when he was only 16. Pathak, who is taking a degree in Technology and Cyber Security from Sharda University, has always been interested in artificial intelligence, finance and the economy. While he was in school, he took a liking to cryptocurrency and the stock market. Using skills from crypto trading and theories from class, Pathak created his own crypto app where people could buy, sell and trade crypto easily. His app is founded on the principle of simplicity of design for the user to have a great experience and sophistication on security in order to protect the user’s wallet.


Girish Pathak Founder of Koinbee


When asked about his journey in crypto, the young tech specialist and entrepreneur says, “I started my journey in this field when I was in 12th grade. My initial venture was investing in Bitcoins and making profits through a referral programme. From this programme, I got an extensive understanding of the crypto market. I learnt how to make profits and avoid loss in the market by studying the odds and ends of the Bitcoin market. It was a part of my dream to make a major contribution to the overall crypto market. Therefore, I embarked on the mission of bringing Koinbee to life.”


Koinbee is an app where people can invest and make profits from trading crypto. Using AI, the app helps the user to make better market decisions on when to sell, when to hold and when to buy depending on the nature of the market and the rates of the day. What’s more, Koinbee is an industry leader that offers better crypto services at a price that suits your pockets.


Pathak is a manifestation that you can achieve more even when the goings are tough. He worked to make Koinbee the app it is today during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. In his own words; “During the lockdown, I worked on Koinbee and made it a bigger platform for people to get benefit from. The culmination of my hard work and toil will be witnessed in December as Koinbee launches worldwide. The dream is that Koinbee will be a one-stop-shop for buying selling and trading crypto with the help of artificial intelligence.



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