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Georgetown Behavioral Hospital Releases Guide on What to Do If Someone Is Suicidal

GEORGETOWN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, June 10, 2022 / — Georgetown Behavioral Hospital has released a guide on what to do if someone is suicidal. Being a loved one of the person having suicidal thoughts can be stressful and traumatic.

It can often be difficult to spot when someone is suicidal if they’re good at hiding their feelings or don’t exemplify some of the signs. However, when someone recognizes that the person is suicidal, they need to step in to help as it could save their life.

There are many signs that people can look for when concerned that someone may be suicidal. People should look for signs consisting of:

· Words

o Talking about wanting to die

o Saying they are a burden to you or others

· Expressing Feelings

o Using words like helpless, hopeless, empty, or trapped to describe their feelings

o Appearing extremely sad, angry, agitated, or anxious

· Behaviors

o Making plans to commit suicide

o Acquiring a gun, drugs, or other means to kill themselves

o Isolating from friends and family

o Telling people goodbye

o Exhibiting mood swings

o Changes in the amount they are eating or sleeping

o Using alcohol or drugs more than usual

People who reach out for help often need to feel that their emotions are valid. This becomes crucial for the person trying to help them. They should avoid saying things like “I know how you feel,” as it can mitigate the person’s experience. Things to say would include saying such as “I’m listening” and “I’m here for you.”

The person that has recognized the suicidal tendencies should help them seek treatment. People who go to mental health treatment centers can often express their concerns and get therapy to help them through their situation. It can also allow them to reflect and learn healthy coping skills for their emotions. Getting help can save their life.

Georgetown Behavioral Hospital offers quality care from a caring staff and evidence-based programs that are effective. If you or someone you know is struggling with severe mental health problems, they should visit the website to learn more about the hospital’s mental health inpatient care programs.

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