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Geo-Political Heavy Hitters Come Together in Gulf Futures Forum

Strategic Intelligentia holds the first-of-its-kind largest global risk online conference on March 9 2022, focusing on The Looming Iranian Threat: Mitigating Risk & Preventing Crisis & broader Gulf security with a strong line up of policy & industry exper

Gulf Futures Forum 09 March 2022 -

Barak Seener, CEO Strategic Intelligentia, Gulf Futures Forum Conference 09 March 2022

Largest global risk online conference on Iran: Mitigating Risk & Preventing Crisis & broader Gulf security with a strong line up of policy & industry experts

The calibre of speakers and panelists we have will help us dive deeper into these topics and create a real knowledge base of understanding.”

— Barak Seener

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, March 2, 2022 / — With a host of global policymakers and senior industry experts, the agenda of the Gulf Futures Forum conference (, which begins on March 09, 2022, will be focused on addressing the future of strategic and security risks in the Gulf, and their impact on trade, the investment climate, and commercial interests of a range of industries. The conference discussions will address, impact and provide insight for international political establishments, commercial enterprises, the maritime and energy sectors, risk professionals, insurers, investors, and traders. Topics that will be highlighted include the geopolitical impact of the Russia-Ukraine crisis on Russia’s involvement in the Middle East, Gulf security and energy markets, strategic calculus of GCC States, future of Iranian sanctions, Iran’s nuclear aspirations, the strategic risks posed to energy and maritime security, cybersecurity risks, infrastructure, and supply chain resilience in the Gulf, and the strategic ramifications of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan to the Gulf.

“As you know, in recent months the Gulf has experienced an uptick in risks ranging from the US’s withdrawal from the region and in turn China and Russia’s increased presence, shifting orientations and strategic alliances on the part of GCC States, Sunni-Shiite rivalry, Houthi attacks on energy installations, Iranian attacks on shipping, cyber-attacks impacting critical infrastructure, and risks to energy security. These combined may detrimentally impact trade and investment in the region with global security ramifications. Yet no one was discussing this wider impact and their very real associated risks. It’s the main reason we have gathered some of the world’s leading minds and policymakers to gain a far better understanding of the real situation and their direct impact on international security as well as on the trade and economic dynamics of the region. We need to understand how to mitigate that risk and navigate this ever-changing landscape in the region,” said Barak Seener, Strategic Intelligentia CEO and conference organizer ( He went on to say, “The conference is not about advancing a particular political narrative, the Gulf Futures Forum is prioritizing the issue of various industries’ risk mitigation measures across the Gulf with regards to risks to the commercial business from security threats along with current economic sanctions and their impact in the region. Our aim is to keep this about commercial risk and security rather than entering into a political debate – far from it.”

With increased exports of LNG from the region to Europe due to the Russia-Ukraine crisis, GCC States walking a tight balance between Russia and the US, the recent US and coalition departure from Afghanistan, the Abraham Accords signing in late 2020, negotiations over the JCPOA, and Iran reshaping its military forces to steadily increase the threat to Gulf shipping and by proxy the Indian Ocean, the shifting dynamics in the region poses a threat to economic sustainability and security in the Gulf region with far larger global implications. “The Gulf Futures Forum will be discussing these risks with an aim to create an open dialogue of transparency, resolution, and action. We want to create awareness about the issues. The calibre of speakers and panelists we have will help us dive deeper into these topics and create a real knowledge base of understanding. This serves to lead the way in where we all need to be looking towards the future to mitigate risk, promote economic stability and security regionally and more broadly the world at large,” says Seener.

The registration for the conference is now open to the public at


Strategic Intelligentia is a multidimensional geopolitical platform providing insightful predictions on country, regional and global risk. Investors and business must navigate a geopolitically volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) landscape where increasingly disruptions are becoming the norm. Strategic Intelligentia utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to assess and predict transnational trends that brings together a team of experts in policy analysis, economics, security, communications and geopolitical analysis to take a multidimensional approach to political risk. Strategic Intelligentia’s multidimensional risk assessments are conducted through the integrated angles of policy, security regulatory landscape, history, culture, ideology and religion that together impact on the security, economy, commercial activities, and infrastructure development of the region. This serves as a lens that connects the dots between seemingly random and disparate events which are at a deeper level transnational trends. To this end, SI creates innovative and cutting-edge concepts that in turn identifies future trends that impact upon different sectors.

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