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Gausium Welcomes the Visit of the Representatives of the German Brand and Design Council

SHANGHAI, CHINA, June 20, 2023/ — Gausium Welcomes the Visit of the Representatives of the German Brand and Design Council

Dr. Martin Lockl, the General Manager of the German Brand and Design Council, along with Wang Lei, the Council’s General Manager for the Greater China region, made an official visit to Gausium to present the prestigious German National Design Award. Accompanied by Sean Chen, General Manager of the Gausium Design Center, they explored Gausium’s office premises and engaged in insightful discussions on robot design and applications.

Established in 1953 as a foundation under the auspices of the German Federal Parliament, the German Brand and Design Council serves as a national institution devoted to promoting brands and design excellence. As the host organization for the German National Design Award, it represents a beacon of innovation within the German design industry. The award is renowned for its rigorous nomination process and selection criteria.

“We have always been dedicated to recognizing and commending exceptional industrial design products,” stated Martin Lockl. He further explained that Gausium’s previous submission, featuring their cutting-edge cleaning robot, had left an indelible impression on the German Brand and Design Council. Consequently, this visit to China presented a unique opportunity to personally explore Gausium’s advancements in the industry.

Sean Chen provided Martin Lockl with an in-depth introduction to Gausium’s product lines, showcasing their diverse range of applications. The visit culminated with an exclusive live demonstration of the award-winning Phantas, Gausium’s latest commercial robot floor cleaner.

“The Gausium robots have revolutionized my perception of automated cleaning equipment. I never imagined that cleaning could blend technology and user-friendliness so seamlessly,” remarked Martin Lockl. He continued, “With the increasing digitalization of various sectors, cleaning robots hold immense pioneering significance. Gausium’s remarkable ability to understand customer needs and stay ahead of market trends in the cleaning domain is truly impressive.”

Sean Chen emphasized, “At Gausium, our primary focus is on functionality as the core connection between our products and users. With an unwavering commitment to customer-centric design, we have developed an array of robot products with different cleaning functionalities. Our designs strike a perfect balance between technological sophistication and an appealing aesthetic, creating enhanced value for our esteemed users.”

Gausium remains committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the field of robotics, as exemplified by the German National Design Award. This recognition underscores Gausium’s relentless pursuit of excellence and its continuous efforts to deliver cutting-edge products that seamlessly integrate technology, functionality, and user-centric design.

About Gausium:

Gausium is a leading company of AI-powered autonomous cleaning and service robots with more than 4,000 successful deployments in 50 countries and regions. Currently, Gausium’s products and services include commercial floor cleaning robots, indoor delivery robots and supplementary accessories like docking stations, cloud platform and application software.

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