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From Being Penniless To Making $60,000 A Year – How Yash Patvekar Is Living Every Digital Marketer’s Dream

The digital marketing expert’s journey of finding his calling and making it big in the industry

Newsdesk, Pune Maharastra 21 July 2021, While the global pandemic affected the functioning of organizations across the board, Yash Patvekar optimized the adversity to live every digital marketer’s dream. Starting out as a complete outsider in the industry in October 2020, Yash paved his way to success by starting YSP Media Funnels – his own digital marketing venture and one of the best-performing agencies across the world.

Initially belonging to a middle-class Indian family, Yash had to struggle with the hassles of ensuring the financial stability of his family and shoulder responsibilities at a fairly young age. After doing a plethora of odd jobs such as working in a supermarket and working late at 5-star hotels, he finally stumbled upon the treasure trove of digital marketing. The field immediately piqued his interest and, thanks to COVID, Yash had enough time in hand to get himself trained and learn the required skills.

On discovering the scope, need, and impact of digital marketing, Yash devoted his time to get equipped with skills and knowledge about social media marketing, online advertising, email marketing, consent-based marketing, and much more. A few months of sleepless nights and thorough researches prepared him for starting out as an entrepreneur.

However, starting out afresh was not an easy task. Discussing the risks he had to take in order to build an agency from scratch, Yash says, “I was extremely nervous but fairly confident. Once I was introduced to digital marketing and online advertising, I immediately knew what my calling was. In order to dedicate undivided attention to my newfound passion, I decided to drop out of the final year of my college, take the money set aside for the college fees, and invest the same into my new venture. Things could have gone either way.”

Yash’s gamble paid off when he closed a deal with a local doctor in the US for promoting her services through Facebook ads within a month of starting out. Through extensive networking and pitching to prospects across platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook, Yash built a loyal base of clients that include local doctors, lifestyle coaches, and gym trainers among many others from the US and the UK. As his venture went global shortly after its inception, Yash did not face any shortage of clients. Today, with a team of 3 dedicated members, YSP Media Funnels provides personalized Facebook advertising, YouTube advertising, consent emailing/email marketing, and a range of other digital marketing services to a range of clients.

Yash’s dedication and his ability to take calculated risks have made him break out into the world of digital marketing and earn ~$60,000/year through his services.

On reaching the pinnacle of success, Yash has decided to train digital marketing aspirants in the country and help them manifest their dreams and work from the comfort of their homes. For a little over a month now, he has been providing online training to a plethora of aspirants regarding setting up a digital marketing venture from scratch and earning handsome money without heading out of their homes.

Along with providing extensive training to the aspirants, Yash provides them with a unique guarantee of securing clients by the end of the training course. “This would instill a sense of faith and security within people taking up my courses instead of worrying about their money going down the drain,” he says.

Yash strongly believes that the right sense of direction can do wonders. He says, “To be honest, if I can do it, anyone can! All you need is the right sense of direction and unconditional passion for what you do. My training sessions are dedicated to ignite this passion within aspirants who are not willing to settle for less and give themselves to a conventional 9-to-5 job for the rest of their lives.”



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