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From being a tech-raver to driving a range rover – Chitiz Agarwal’s journey of making it big in the IT industry

Chitiz Agarwal Brainchild
Chitiz Agarwal, the CEO of Techila Global Services, a tech architect, an investor, an author, and a member of Forbes Technology Council 2021 is an immensely successful Tech Guru of the present time. He has built an empire of salesforce experts through his skills of technological development and experience of over a decade old.
Chitiz had started his journey as a developer in 2008, after gathering few insights, he moved to IBM, an American multinational technology company where he had handled projects worth a couple of billion dollars. During his time period in IBM, he had gathered the idea of being an entrepreneur. These tales are from the time when “Salesforce” was an alien concept in the market.
At present, over 200 people have been trained and mentored in the field of salesforce.

A Houmous story behind Techila

Like it is said and believed, great ideas come from the most unexpected corners. Who would have wondered that friends sitting in the shore of a beach with a few drinks in hand would have come up with such an innovative name like “Techila” inspired from the groovy beverage Tequila. “that’s the drink closest to Tech” says Chitiz. What a mastermind!

Unfavorable circumstances- blessings in disguise

During his late teens, Chitiz’s family had to go through a wretched event of burglary of his father’s jewelry shop which reduced the family to penury. The family had zero amount of savings and was left with no clue about the future. This situation caught them off guard. It was during these times, Chitiz and his mother came up with an idea of teaching which he continued for almost seven years till the time he graduated from his B. Tech college. Being an engineering student, Chitiz got the liberty to train students for their IIT-JEE exams. Managing a schedule was not easy for Chitiz, however, this uncalled situation helped him learn about the uncertainty that life could throw at one. Chitiz says, “it shaped me into who I am today

Boss vs Leader

Chitiz talks about the difference between a boss and a leader. He says, “A boss gives you commands while a leader sets examples” The CEO also talks about the importance of being close to the team members and caring about their well-being. Being the leader that he is, he has given free educational training to thousands of people in the area of salesforce.

Techila Academy – a leap towards cost-free education

5th September 2020 (teacher’s day), the eighth anniversary of Techila Global Services, Techila Academy was established which provides free courses in salesforce software. The Techila Academy was opened with a bid to contributing to the service sector and to train skilled as well as knowledgeable professionals in the salesforce domain. Education is something that has a long-term effect on society. Therefore, Mr. Agrawal chose education to bring welfare to the service sector.  The training program under Techila Academy consists of four sessions viz. Marketing cloud, salesforce admin, salesforce development, and Pardot. In these two months of the training session, students get a detailed exposure of all the topics related to salesforce, which makes them industry-ready. There are other webinars too on niche skills like CPQ, Mulesoft, Cloudcraze, etc.

Another perk of joining the training program is that it is linked with an internship program. This allows the students to get practical experience and enhance their skill set. Another benefit of taking up the training is a chance to apply the skills and knowledge gained at the program. All the students are also given a mini project in the last month and a test is also conducted at the end of the program. The student’s performance eligibility to get the internship certificate.

Future Prospect

Chitiz Agarwal aims to grow Techila Academy in particular and the future market of salesforce software as a whole. He has invested time and effort to build a bright future for thousands of salesforce aspirants and is looking forward to doing the same. Chitiz is welcoming towards investors with similar motives to educating society towards a prosperous tomorrow.


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