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Fracture Provides Elegant Way to Print Family Photos on Glass

ALACHUA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, September 29, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Florida-based, premier wall decor brand Fracture is reimagining the way we think about displaying family photos. While traditional family photos may involve frames, canvas, or even metal, Fracture prints photos and digital art directly onto glass creating beautiful, frameless works of art.

With stunning glass prints available for hanging on the wall or displaying on a print stand, Fracture prints elevate the look and feel of any home with their sleek and modern style. With over 2 million orders to date, Fracture glass photo printing continues to delight customers by allowing them to print family photos, adding a touch of personality to their homes. Just in time for fall, customers can display their fall family photos on glass and choose a Fracture design option that suits their individual style and taste.

Fracture describes its unique, photo printing technology in a few words: Elegantly simple and durable. Before hanging on the wall, every Fracture glass print goes through the same rigorous process. This is how Fracture builds each piece for all customers to print family photos. Every Fracture print starts out as a piece of durable glass, cut and hand-prepared for each print size. Ink is then sprayed directly onto the glass and instantly cured through our special UV process. A bright, opaque layer of white ink is applied directly beneath the color layer. This brings the print to life and adds depth to the overall color. A lightweight and minimal mount is affixed to the glass print. This lets customers display family photos slightly off the wall and lends an additional layer of strength.

Moreover, everything Fracture makes (including fall family photos) is assembled and shipped out by its team in Alachua, Florida. According to Fracture, “We’re not satisfied to merely create the best glass prints possible. We are also deeply committed to ensuring everything is done responsibly, with carbon-neutral sustainability throughout our manufacturing process.”

When customers are ready to upload to Fracture, they should make sure their family photos are saved as either JPEG or PNG files. When that is checked off, customers can upload their files at Fracture’s “Get Started” photo uploader page. From there, they can decide whether they’d like a single family photo to hang on their wall, a small one that sits on a print stand, or a collection of multiple glass prints to display family photos in either a Photo Wall or Storyboard arrangement. Fracture glass prints are very versatile, and the possibilities to print family photos are endless. It’s up to customers to decide what works best for their home decor needs.

A Fracture Photo Wall is a great option to print family photos. It allows customers to easily create and display family photos in a gorgeous statement gallery wall. Each Fracture Photo Wall layout features between 3-6 prints, depending on the layout type, and customers can choose to follow a theme for a cohesive gallery wall of family photos. As a guide, each Photo Wall comes with a paper template that outlines hanging instructions and indicates exactly where to place each screw, ensuring the glass prints will be perfectly spaced. As a bonus feature, Fracture Photo Walls are specially priced at a discount for a seamless shopping experience. Just in time for the season, customers can celebrate the start of fall by making a beautiful, cozy Photo Wall of fall family photos.

Another great display option for customers is to print family photos and arrange them on a Fracture Storyboard. Made of solid wood, Storyboard is designed to securely display family photos. Its unique grooved surface allows customers to easily slide, layer, and switch out their glass prints to tell a unique story. With its sleek, modern design, Storyboard fits effortlessly in almost any space. Fracture offers Storyboard in beautiful maple, espresso, or midnight stains to match customers’ spaces and personal style. Moreover, Storyboard is not only meant to display family photos; customers can add flowers, candles, or treasured mementos to make it their own and enhance their family photos.

Fracture glass prints are excellent gifts as well. Finding the right gift for close family members can be daunting. However, with the upcoming holiday season, customers wanting to give their families something significant and everlasting can look no further. With personalized glass prints from Fracture, customers can print family photos to help loved ones focus on the moments that matter and display family photos throughout their homes.

Customers can also give their loved ones the gift of DIY with a Fracture Gift Card. According to Fracture, print queues fill up quickly during the holiday season, making that time of year perfect for purchasing Gift Cards. An impressive perk of Gift Cards is that they never expire, so recipients have plenty of time to print family photos. Physical Gift Cards are sent free through the mail (USPS First Class only). However, to avoid any delays in shipment, Fracture recommends purchasing digital Gift Cards, which are significantly more convenient if customers need to print family photos and have them delivered more quickly to meet a specific date. Digital Gift Cards can be emailed directly to a recipient or the purchaser to instantly print family photos. Moreover, purchasers can schedule exactly when they would like their recipient to receive the email containing the Gift Card (e.g. Christmas morning or on their birthday).

With glowing customer reviews, Fracture glass prints make for perfect, personalized home decor. This fall season, customers can print family photos on glass with Fracture glass prints, available for purchase on Fracture’s official website and shipping all over the world from Alachua, Florida.

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