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Forexbrokerking.com Review

The foreign exchange market or Forex or FX is a market for foreign exchange trading.  Foreign exchange markets allow participants to exchange one currency for another.  One side buys a certain currency from the other party in exchange for another currency.  Foreign exchange exists as a result of international trade and investment, so companies that import or export goods buy these goods in one currency and sell them in another currency.  That is why they need to convert some of the money they receive into the currency in which they pay for the goods.  The foreign exchange market does not have a physical location or a central point like other financial markets, but it operates with banks, corporations, and individuals around the globe, 24 hours a day, except on weekends.


A broker is an economic operator, an intermediary, a natural person, or a company that mediates supply and demand in a financial market, and its remuneration consists of commissions.

Therefore, it is an intermediary between the seller and the buyer. The more information available about this broker, the more reliable it is, because a good broker has nothing to hide.  When choosing a broker, your own needs and requirements must be taken into consideration.


The Forexbrokerking team provides traders with information about various brokers. They are trying to find the best broker for every trader, in order for them to effectively trade Forex.

I Find the content of their website full of important information.

The Forexbrokerking team


For example, in the “ABOUT US” section, they give information about their team, which makes me feel more confident when following their advice.

The most important part of their website seems to be the “BEST BROKERS IN DIFFERENT ASPECTS”, because in there they show, after studying and analyzing some of the brokers, good and bad aspects of each broker,

comparatively. So, for me, would be much easier to find the broker I would prefer for trading. They really touch the most important subjects, like lowest trading cost broker, the most trustworthy broker, broker with the best reputability, show which is the broker with the best service provided, and, based on their trading experience, they suggest which of the brokers was the best.

Also, they provide for us the best forex broker in 2021, again, Based on their trading experience, which helps a lot in choosing the trader I would go with.


In the Insight on All account Type” section,

they compare each account of each broker in detail and the guidelines for choosing which account to open.

the Insight on All account Type


Good point, as they provide comparison and guidelines for each account.

Here i would add a comparison for the same account type, for all the brokers, on the same page. For example, I would take the “ standard account” of each broker, and compare them all, at least the leading 10 brokers. And the same thing for all the account types. Would be easier for me to extract the information and make a decision in order to open the account or not.

They analyze and compare the brokers, but they have all the account types, of all the brokers, in the same table, an aspect which could make me leave the page and look for the information I need on another website, as it is too much information in one place and it is too hard for me to get the information I need in order to make a proper decision.

Is really good that they provide the link to every single broker at the end of their review, this way I can go straight to the broker’s website without having to open another page and look for the broker that I decided is the best.


Same thing for the “Forex Broker Review” section. Right, they review each Forex broker, considering the advantages and disadvantages, and summing up the overview of the real trading experiences. But, you need to click on every single broker, read all the information provided, and go back and select another broker. I feel like a table, comparing the advantages and disadvantages of each broker would rather help a trader than compare them separately.


Well, let’s go further. They have only a few languages added to their website. I know that Romania is a country which has a lot of people interested in trading. I know lots of people which don’t know English, but they do know French. Maybe adding a good translation in a few more languages, would be a good idea in order to get more visitors to the website.

Finally, I can say that all the information I could see on the website is easy to read and understand, although, as mentioned above, I would change those things, for an even better understanding of the content provided.


Now, the appearance of the website. Well, it has a friendly appearance, the dominant blue colour makes me feel comfortable, as it does not disturb my eyes too much.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and mail buttons are very accessible, in case I need to see some more information about them or contact them through other channels, it is very easy just to click on the icons at the very top of the page.

Not too many pictures, good point, as traders need information, not cartoons. The website is created for people who work in this area, who need well-structured information, short, concise, and straight to the point.

It is a safe website, very important nowadays, as personal information can be stolen easily, they even provide the privacy policy, for me quite important.

At the very end of the website they have a warning ⚠️ sign, and they say “Investing in Forex and related commodities involve a high level of risk, investors shall thoroughly study the information prior to investing.” I would say, well done. Of course, usually, people which access this website know about the risks when trading on the foreign exchange market, but there are some other people which just want to start their journey into this, it may be useful for them, this way they can decide to return and read everything once again, and maybe make a better choice of the broker they choose.




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