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Fitcode Helping Businesses in the Fitness Industry to Get Back in the Game

Fitness studios have come a long way. Despite the major hit taken by the fitness industry during the last year or so of the pandemic, the industry is well on its way to getting back on the fitness bandwagon with the help of Fitcode.


Fitcode is an exciting new Saas product that has recently been launched in the fitness industry. Started operations in 2019, and since then, there has been no going back. The product has been high in demand and has seen consistent growth since its launch. It has helped numerous fitness clubs streamline their activities and generate more revenue over time.


Today, several international fitness brands have made themselves at home in India, giving tough competition to Indian fitness studios. In addition to that, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic led to a massive setback in the fitness industry as consumers could not avail themselves of the services of various fitness centres. This resulted in a decline in the total number of memberships offered by fitness clubs per year. Small gym owners, fitness instructors, personal trainers and other administrative staff related to the industry were hit hard. COVID has drastically changed how the fitness industry operates today.  


This is precisely where Fitcode steps in to save the day. This modern tool helps fitness centres get back on their feet by retaining their previous clientele and attracting new ones through its streamlined functionalities. This highly advanced gym software helps maximise the potential of fitness centres to offer a more pleasant experience to their customers, resulting in customer loyalty, customer engagement, and more revenue. Moreover, since Fitcode is a highly automated technological tool, it competes with international fitness brands on an equal footing. The product helps the Indian fitness industry match the global fitness standards and acquire more customers than their overseas competitors.


Fitcode entered the market intending to offer a high-quality digital platform to fitness centres. This helps in smoother operations and better overall management of their day-to-day tasks. Fitcode gym management software allows its users to exercise greater control and oversee their clients’ schedules, perform tedious administrative management activities, and receive payments effortlessly at the same time. Fitcode helps by establishing a unique database and an intelligent algorithm to deliver the best results to businesses. With the help of this software, fitness centres can control their businesses and manage their daily transactions in the most streamlined manner. This cutting-edge software also helps maximise the potential of centres by increasing their lead generation and conversion – “With Fitcode we were able to organize the memberships and track renewals on time. Made our process more streamlined and organized,” says Mr. Harsha, Founder, BCUBE, Hyderabad.


With Fitcode, what you essentially gain is a chance to offer your customers consistency, engagement, and a pleasant experience – all of which are key to customer loyalty and client retention.


Chaitanya Gk, Founder & CEO, Ciotx Pvt. Ltd.


Chaitanya Founded Ciotx Pvt. Ltd. in December 2019 and incepted Fitcode to offer a greater level of autonomy to owners of fitness centres so that they could work like a well-oiled machine and take care of their equipment, staff, and customers using a one-stop solution. Currently operating in 60+ cities across India with a client base of more than 300 fitness studios. Fitcode is already on its way to change the Indian fitness scene by offering studios to digitise, organise and grow their business. Fitcode currently operates only in the Indian subcontinent with an annual base plan of INR 9,000. That said, they are expecting a steep client growth curve by the end of 2022.


Fitcode aims to carve its own niche in the fitness industry in the coming years by targeting gyms and fitness centres in an organised manner. It is confident that Fitcode will empower businesses in the field and give a new definition to the term “customer satisfaction”. The company plans to start its overseas operations by 2023, putting its high-end product on the global market.


In the words of Chaitanya, “Fitcode is more than just about fitness. With this revolutionary product, we seek to create an all-inclusive modern fitness ecosystem that changes the idea of fitness for both businesses and consumers.”    



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