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Finally!! The much-awaited DC Coin is here.

Just like the Internet, blockchain will be a revolutionising technology for this era. Cryptocurrency has already become the most favourite digital currency of the world, In today’s market, there are a plethora of cryptocurrencies to choose from. Every currency has a distinct trait that distinguishes it from others.

DC coin, which stands for (Drop of change0 The aim of the DC coin is to be the interoperable currency of charity. The DC coin team is dedicated to making it the most beneficial coin in philanthropic groups. The DC coin is built on ERC20, one of the most important technology coins that are now used for all smart contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain. From September 15th through January 15th, the ICO will be released in four phases. The startup is now providing an initial coin offering (ICO), with the first sale beginning on September 15th and a total of 1,000,000,000 coins available for purchase. The firm is paying a 67 per cent incentive, which works out to $0.35 per token. After 30 days, the coins will be divided among the investors.

They’ve devised one of the most effective charity tactics for ensuring that donations are distributed to as many causes as possible. The DC team is primarily concerned with assisting organisations of all sizes that have a significant local influence in their areas of operations.

DC Coin increases transparency and openness, which reduces transaction costs, and integrates the digital and physical world while increasing trust. The core aim is to give the investors an opportunity to help the helpless while gaining long-term financial achievements. Not only that, Dc coin is focused on launching new projects every quarter they have plans to proceed in the education and gaming sector. The Dc team wants to establish a coin that has longevity in terms of digital currency, they don’t want to label themself as a charity coin.

DC Coin improves transparency and openness, lowering transaction costs and bringing the digital and real worlds closer together while strengthening confidence. The main goal is to provide investors with the opportunity to aid the less fortunate while also achieving long-term financial success. The DC coin blockchain brings a solution that integrates the investor’s experience into the organizational management process. Investor’s decisions directly affect the core business model, as well as any other partnered organizations. The organization will still drive the polls and decisions, but with DC coin, investors get to have some input. DC Coin platform is created not only for financial purposes but also for donation purposes. DC Coin is a basic ERC-20 token developed for charitable donations that provides a novel approach to addressing social issues. DC Coin improves trust through enhancing transparency and openness, lowering transaction costs, and integrating the digital and physical worlds.



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