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Farm Asset Management Company Hosachiguru Launch their 20th Managed Farm Plot

Hosachiguru, a Bengaluru-based farm asset management company, has launched their 20th managed Farm Plot on the outskirts of Bengaluru. The new farm plot ‘Sambrahma Farms’ is a 45-minute drive south of Electronic City in Bengaluru. With this new launch, Hosachiguru currently has 1000+ acres of land under management.


Hosachiguru’s Sambrahma Farm​


Hosachiguru’s ‘Sambrahma Farms’ offers a hassle-free and cost-effective option to experience farm life. Buyers can choose from well-curated farm plots that are secure and sustainably managed. Hosachiguru’s expert team of agriculturists maintain the farm while their on-site staff help in maintaining the farmhouse and in curating offbeat farm experiences for buyers and their families. Available in plot sizes 0.25, 0.5 and 1 Acre, Sambrahma Farms is en route to Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary and a beautiful drive through a quaint hamlet known as Little England, just 45 mins south of Electronic City. The 120+ acres of rolling hill range offers forest views on one side and picturesque countryside on the other.


In the last year, there has been an increase in enquiries for managed farm plots and for owning a second home in the countryside. The number of enquiries after the first wave of the pandemic have jumped by more than 300%. Owing to the sudden spurt in interest, Hosachiguru earlier launched a 40-acre community farm plot ‘Unnathi’ near Chikkaballapur. The new launch is in line with Hosachiguru’s plan of launching sustainable community farm projects in the next year.


If a buyer is investing in Hosachiguru’s new project, they get a detailed consultation with expert Permaculture designers who guide them through the nitty-gritty of setting up the farm. Based on the buyer’s interests and liking, Hosachiguru will set up and manage the land on a day to day basis. Gradually, over years, the produce grown on the farm will be self-sufficient and the buyer and their families can live off the farm. In addition to the managed farmland, Hosachiguru will also set up farmhouses and cottages for investors looking for a second home away from the hustle-bustle of the city yet easily accessible. 


Commenting on the new launch, Srinath Setty, Co-founder, Hosachiguru, said, “In recent years, there has been a lot of interest in farming, especially since the time the pandemic started. We all know that modern living can be quite stressful – from working overtime at our jobs, the pollution and hassles of city life, to paying expensive rent and high expenditures. Most of us want an escape from our everyday busy schedules. Farming has emerged as a much needed escape. However, owning and managing a farm is a tough task. Managing farmland and indulging in farming while balancing a work life is almost next to impossible. This is where Hosachiguru comes in. We help green enthusiasts own farmland, grow trees/fruit crops and spend their weekends at the farm. All this without the hassle of day to day management of the farm.”


“Coronavirus has given us a chance to rethink how important our nearby urban green spaces are to us. For those of us who live in concrete jungles, indulging in farming gives us the much-needed respite from the hassles of city life,” He added.


All the vegetables grown on the farms are aggregated and sent to the customers home in the city every week at an additional cost. Owners can enjoy the organic produce and also visit the farm to enjoy the fruits grown on their trees. Every owner gets a dedicated number of stays at the eco-retreat set up on the farm on a timeshare basis. Additionally, owners and their families can indulge in activities such as farming, hiking, cycling and celebrating festivities.


The farmlands will also have permaculture gardens, plant nurseries, animal petting farms, camping sites and an environmental education centre. Owners can also work from the farm with high-speed internet access at designated areas and electricity. 


To know more about the new projects, visit or call +91 9513464100.

About Hosachiguru 

Started by Srinath Setty, Ashok J and Sriram Chitlur in 2014, Hosachiguru was founded with a two-fold goal-one, to give back to the environment by growing trees instead of structures, two, to help individuals easily own, manage and reap the benefits of farmland. The idea behind Hosachiguru is to create farmlands that are environmentally and economically sustainable. Hosachiguru picks farmlands based on important parameters such as clear land titles, soil, water availability and connectivity. Once the owner invests in the farmland, Hosachiguru will grow and maintain trees and crops of the land owner’s choice. The owners are free to choose fruits, flowers and timber trees of their choice. Landowners enjoy multiple benefits of farmland ownership. They can build their own weekend homes on 10% of their farmland. 


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