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Expert says, “Test was Moderate and Scoring”

New Delhi, Delhi, India

The exam was conducted in Computer Based Test (CBT). The question paper included predominantly medium-length clinical vignettes. These clinical vignettes were 3-4 liners and 20% of the questions had a visual image as well. This paper was for 3.5 hours duration and had 200 MCQs from all subjects of MBBS.


According to Dr. Sumer Sethi, CEO of Delhi Academy of Medical Science (DAMS), “The overall paper was of moderate level though it had some complex and time-consuming questions also. Most of the questions were based on simple basic concepts and the questions on clinical scenarios were direct. The paper this year carried 200 MCQs of 800 marks, to be solved in three and a half hours, as compared to 300 MCQs that were asked in earlier examinations. Only one question was based on COVID although many more were expected. Our regular classroom students had an advantage as the majority of the questions were from usual clinical concepts discussed by faculty members. will continue for 2022 and in 2023 will be replaced by a proposed licensing cum PG entrance exam called NEXT.” Dr. Sethi also advised students appearing for NEET PG 2022 to use the remaining time of around 6 months to prepare conceptually as that will be the last NEET PG in the current format.


Dr. Deepti Sethi, Director of DAMS also felt that the exam was easy to moderate though slightly lengthier because of a good number of clinical and comprehensive questions that were asked. Choices in papers were close and that was the reason for students taking longer time. Many questions were from high-yield subjects like Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, PSM, Pharmacology, and Pathology. There was relatively less representation from 1st professional subjects. She also informed that DAMS has launched special 6 month programs to help NEET PG 2022 aspirants as the time available for upcoming NEET PG is less than usual.


In short, questions were scoring and answerable if the basic knowledge of the subject was gained. NEET PG 2021 results should be available by the month’s end and wishing all aspirants the best of luck for results in this high stake exam for Doctors.



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