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ETimes Troll Slayer: Calling Aryan Khan a ‘druggie’ and ‘spoiled kid’ reeks of negativity | Hindi Movie News

Aryan Khan is gearing up to mark his debut behind the camera but the internet refuses to let him sail safe. Despite officially being cleared from the drugs storm, Aryan continues to face social media trials from users who hide behind anonymous garbs. When he recently stepped out, Aryan didn’t pose for the paparazzi and went about his work, as soon as his outing surfaced on the internet, trolls unleashed their true self.
ETimes condemns such social media negativity, especially for a budding filmmaker, who is still trying to find a footing. Instead of crowding him with hate, Aryan should be encouraged with support.

Take a look at some of the barbs that Aryan faced and our response to the same:
“I don’t think SRK being such a big star has got that attitude like his spoiled kid who is already into drugs and cases. Bravo”


To clarify, Aryan Khan’s name in the drugs case was officially cleared due to ‘lack of evidence’. We suggest you get your facts right before indulging in trolling. Besides, take some lessons in positivity… because your comment on someone who is trying to make a name for himself is nothing but demeaning.

“The boy has just snorted his fav stuff…. So intoxicated and can hardly manage to balance himself!!!”


Deeming Aryan Khan’s behaviour as ‘intoxicated’ and judging that he has ‘snorted stuff’ from just one video… simply reflects your trolling trait. Wasn’t it enough that he was put behind bars for no reason, that you have to troll him for the same horror from the past?

“Rukega Rukega jb movie aayegi iski tb”


Instead of criticising Aryan Khan for not posing for the paparazzi, how about you take a different approach and assume that the star kid was simply ‘keeping to himself’? Besides, he was out to support a fellow filmmaker and may have chosen to not hog the limelight. Instead of frivolous trolling, take up some positivity in life.

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