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Eric Gang Discusses the Distractions and Incentives Behind the Flawed VA

Eric Gang Shares How the VA System May Be Working Against Veterans

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, November 15, 2021 / — The VA is ostensibly supposed to help veterans, yet its flawed design can actively make veterans’ conditions worse. From appointment scheduling to disability claims to proactive wellness, the list of inefficiencies goes on and on. Eric Gang talks about what’s really happening behind closed doors and why.

Healthcare has a terrible reputation in the United States, largely due to a system that incentivizes greed. Eric Gang, a prominent Veterans Disability Appeals Lawyer, says that the VA is no exception. When veterans discuss their healthcare, it’s typically one grievance after the next. These anecdotal reports, which sometimes contradict official government reports that show vast improvements, are a symptom of much bigger issues.

The Reality and the Reports

The employees at the VA are supposed to focus on veteran care. However, the rubric used to promote people only distracts away from this goal. Eric Gang says that veterans are routinely told to wait months for simple appointments because there are easy ways to game the system. The VA will cancel appointments without warning and then reschedule to benefit healthcare staff. The Phoenix administration went so far as to keep the second set of fake books that recorded shorter wait times.

‘No’ Is the Default

Eric Gang described the number of denied disability claims as ‘ridiculous’. This is essentially a government that demands sacrifice from its service members. As soon as those service members ask for anything in return though, the default answer is no.

Should the veteran choose to disagree, they have that option. However, it seems clear government officials are hoping all the hoops will cause veterans to give up before their appeal is won. After all, not every veteran has the time, money, or energy to fight for what they rightfully deserve. The approach for disability claims is not to provide people with support, but to throw more obstacles in their way.

Eric Gang on the Absence of Proactive Wellness

Preventative medicine, proactive wellness checks, lifestyle changes, and long-term cures: few of these critical matters are on the VA’s radar. In fact, according to Eric Gang, the organization is largely the antithesis to this kind of healthcare. Despite the fact that moving away from this model would save all taxpayers money, the VA continues to put holistic health, preventative medicine, and lifestyle medicine at the bottom of the list so they can focus on doing the bare minimum to treat the symptoms of long-term conditions like heart disease and diabetes–without actually treating the underlying cause.

Gang is watching more and more veterans gain weight while increasing the number of medications they’re taking. He’s watching doctors sign off on treatments that hold them back. Worst of all, he’s watching a government endorse all this from afar. It’s a system that he’s working on changing, but it’s clear that the incentives need to change first.

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