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Emails of IiAS’ Amit Tandon invite trouble for him; whose ‘PROXY’ is IiAS? | Companies News

The term ‘Khela Hobe’ was synonymous with this year’s West Bengal elections which means that the game is on. Amit Tandon, who is the Founder and Managing Director (MD) of Institutional Investor Advisory Services or IiAS in his email to an investor wrote ‘Khela Hobe’.   

In his email, the discussion is on Essel Group. It is to be noted that the references are made by Amit Tandon on the issues between Yes Bank and Dish TV. This raises a question why is IiAS’ Amit Tandon so excited over the ongoing developments between Yes Bank and Dish TV. 

Is it a case that Amit Tandon and IiAS are playing a role? The question then arises that on whose behalf is this game being played?    

Zee Media has details of the emails between Amit Tandon and a few investors which clearly raises suspicion whether IiAS and Amit Tandon are conspiring against the Essel Group?    

One of the investors, in his email on 6 September at 10:20 pm writes that ‘Yes Bank has given a proposal to remove promoters of Dish TV  from the board of the company’.      

In the email, Dr Subhash Chandra is also marked. On 7 September, Amit Tandon while replying on this email at 11:32 pm wrote ‘Khela Hobe’. 

The question arises that what was he referring to, when he wrote ‘Khela Hobe’.  What was the intention behind using such a term as MD of a proxy advisory firm?  

On whose directions has Amit Tandon – who has a 36-years-experience in financial sector – written ‘Khela Hobe’. 

Does this suggest that Amit Tandon and IiAS are teaming up with somebody to game, interests of Essel Group?  Are the advisory reports of IiAS part of the this game plan?  

Amit Tandon had prior knowledge about what is going to happen?  

Amit Tandon knows about the plan beforehand, which was made against Dish TV and Essel Group?   

Who is the mastermind of this game plan? On Whose backing and support Amit Tandon writes ‘Khela Hobe’ in email marking Dr Subhash Chandra?   

If Amit Tandon and IiAS had a prior knowledge about what was going to happen then the question is that will it not come under the purview of unpublished price sensitive information (UPSI)?   

If yes, then why Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) should not investigate this matter and find out who all are involved in this game apart from Amit Tandon and IiAS?      

The SEBI must also look if IiAS is actually a proxy advisory firm or if it is acting as a proxy on behalf of any corporate group? 

Questions that arise from the email of Amit Tandon which said ‘Khela Hobe’:    

1. Was it a pre-planned move? And accordingly advisory report was prepared?   

2. What is the intention while writing ‘Khela Hobe’ about Essel Group in the email?    

3. Is there a plan against Dish TV and Zee Learn? And IiAs is part of it?  

4. On whose provocation was ‘Khela Hobe’ written in the email marking Dr Subhash Chandra?   

5. Will SEBI investigate the matter if Amit Tandon and IiAS are involved in this conspiracy?   

6. Is IiAS a proxy advisory firm or is it acting as somebody’s ‘proxy’?  

Zee Media wrote an email on Friday to IiAS MD Amit Tandon asking him to tell on whose directions and support is he doing all this? Is there a support of some big corporate house behind him?  

Zee Media has still not received any reply from his side, till now. 

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