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EKI Energy Reported H1 FY2022 Revenues of Rs. 637 Crores


EKI Energy Services Limited (EKI Energy) (BSE: 543284), one of the leading companies in the carbon credit industry in India, announced its Q2 and H1 FY2022 results. The Company continued its growth momentum and reported total revenues of Rs. 637 crores in H1 FY2022. The strong business performance has been supported by higher demand and pricing of carbon credits, increasing global awareness of GHG emissions and widening carbon credit demand-supply gap.


H1 FY2022 Performance Highlights:

  • Revenues from operations of Rs. 637 crores (Rs. 191 crores for full year FY2021)

  • EBITDA of Rs. 157 crores; margins expanded to 24.6% (Rs. 25 crores for full year FY2021)

  • PAT of Rs. 117 crores with margins of 18.4% (Rs. 19 crores for full year FY2021)


Q2 FY2022 Performance Highlights:

  • Revenues from operations of Rs. 443 crores

  • EBITDA of Rs. 109 crores; margins 24.5%

  • PAT of Rs. 81 crores with margins of 18.3%


Commenting on the business performance, Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. Manish Dabkara, “EKI Energy has reported another outstanding quarter with a robust business performance. This strong growth is supported by growing global carbon credit demand, increasing net-zero commitments by various countries and voluntary emission reduction pledges by corporates. During H1 FY22 our margins jumped to 24.6% as compared to 13.3% in FY21 supported by higher carbon pricing and effective cost control measures. Considering the higher demand for carbon credits and a widening demand-supply gap in the global markets, we had entered in a major deal to purchase carbon credits in H1 FY22.


As part of our business strategy of continuous expansion across different geographies and industries, we are also exploring new avenues of business. EKI Energy is exploring attractive business opportunities arising from the proposed Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA). The scheme is applicable from 2021 and voluntary for all countries until 2027 but many countries including the US and China have already implemented the scheme and other countries to follow in the near term. The implementation of CORSIA will increase global carbon credit demand substantially and will increase the demand-supply gap further.


With improving market dynamics, the current carbon offsetting demand is sustainable and expected to increase in future. We are positively looking forward to the scheduled COP26, which is expected to bring more stringent guidelines to control emission and increase emission reduction targets. The increasing awareness for reduction in global emissions and collective efforts of various regulatory bodies is expected to increase the pricing and scope of carbon pricing instruments over time.


Going forward, with strong business fundamentals, higher demand for carbon credits supported by evolving global carbon credit markets and economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, we are confident of continuing strong growth momentum and maximizing shareholder value.” 


About EKI Energy

Founded in 2011, EKI Energy Services Limited (EKI Energy) is one of the leading company in the carbon credit industry in India with an established global footprint. EKI Energy is a renowned brand in the realm of “climate change, carbon credits and sustainability solutions”. We provide all services in carbon asset management that includes, carbon footprint management, sustainability audits, training for quality control and management, carbon neutrality, life-cycle analysis and end to end carbon offset project management. We render strategic solutions to businesses and organizations globally to achieve their climate ambition. Our objective is to assist businesses and organizations progress toward a net-zero carbon and climate resilient global economy. We are in the business of protecting environment & human life from the climate change crisis which is considered as a global threat to essential life ingredients – clean air, safe drinking water, nutritious food supply and safe shelter.


Climate Change, Sustainability Advisory and Carbon Offsetting Service

We offer climate sustainability advisory services that includes advisory in respect of climate change, GHG policy, low-carbon transformation strategy, GHG emissions inventory & registry, appropriate mitigating actions as well as climate change action plan. We also provide carbon offsetting service that involves the validation, registration, monitoring, verification, issuance and supply of eligible carbon credits.


Business Advisory and Other Services

ISO Advisory: We provide integrated solutions for ISO standards implementation. Electrical Safety Audits: We offer a systematic approach to evaluate potential hazards and recommend corrective measures for improvement in electrical installations. Lean Manufacturing Advisory: We implement appropriate lean tools & techniques (such as Kaizen, 5S, JIT, SOP etc.), at client’s unit leading to value creation.


Memberships: CDP, IETA and UNFCCC CNN

Accreditations: Consultancy Development Centre, Govt. of India and NBQP/QCI


Key Facts:

+900 Projects in Portfolio

+120 Employees Globally

+2,000 Worldwide Clients


Corporate Office: EnKing Embassy, Plot 48, Behind Vrindavan Hotel, Part II, Vijay Nagar, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452010

Website Address:; CIN: L74200MP2011PLC025904


Safe Harbour

This press release may include statements of future expectations and other forward-looking statements based on management’s current expectations and beliefs concerning future developments and their potential effects upon EKI Energy Services Limited and its subsidiaries/associates (“EKI Energy”). These forward-looking statements involve known or unknown risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results, performance or events to differ materially from those expressed or implied in such statements. Important factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from our expectations include, amongst others: general economic and business conditions in India and overseas, our ability to successfully implement our strategy, our research and development efforts, our growth and expansion plans and technological changes, changes in the value of the Rupee and other currency changes, changes in the Indian and international interest rates, change in laws and regulations that apply to the related industries, increasing competition in and the conditions of the related industries, changes in political conditions in India and changes in the foreign exchange control regulations in India. Neither EKI Energy, nor our Directors, or any of our subsidiaries/associates assume any obligation to update any forward-looking statement contained in this release.


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