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Ek Tohfa Joh Dil Chho Jae, Yeh Diwali Happilo Wali

The festive season has begun, the Festival of Lights. Families across the country come together to celebrate the warm spirit of this joyous festival, but in the midst of these celebrations it is the need of the hour for every individual to keep track of their consumption patterns. Festivities call for delicious delicacies in abundance but what we often forget is the sum of unhealthy properties that come bundled with them. Along with many festive favourites the one thing that tops the list without compromising on health are dried fruits and nuts, and Happilo is here to ensure that you celebrate the festival of lights with your loved one’s with Happi delights bringing health and happiness in its purest form.


Happilo’s Range of Exotic Festive Gifting Options


Gifting is an indispensable part of the festive season and selecting the most desirable gift should be a seamless process. Since the onset of the pandemic, individuals have become more sensitive towards their loved ones and ensuring their health and well-being has become every individuals top-most priority. According to an article by Mint, 60% of Indian households have now become receptive to spending on gifting options that propagate a healthier lifestyle to nurture sentiments and emotional bonds with their friends and family.


Keeping in mind consumer preferences, Happilo is here to extend their offerings to nurture these bonds and connections in the most desirable manner with its range of exotic gifting options. Moreover, with unconventional gifts gaining momentum, traditionalism has not left the spirit of Indian festivities. Dry fruits form an imperative part of many celebratory delicacies and come bundled with beneficial nutrients. Rich in antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and immunity boosting nutrients, Happilo’s products are sourced from the finest farms nationally and internationally.


In present times where relations are built on emotional connects, personalisation of gifts has taken the market by storm and people are always seen opting for gifts that can be customised to what exactly one desires. Understanding and catering to customer needs and wants is exactly what Happilo is here for. This festive season go that extra mile from the comfort of your home and surprise your loved one’s with personalised gift hampers. Afterall, it’s not the material worth that counts but the mere thought behind it. 


This Diwali, make a conscious choice and pledge to burn calories by adopting healthier lifestyle choices. More than ever before, today, it is necessary for each of us to lay prime focus on health along with keeping the environment safe from hazardous chemicals. Happilo aims to spread awareness along with educating not only the youth but also every citizen about the urgency to make conscious and positive choices.


Happilo is constantly working in line with its vision of bringing consumers the finest quality products from across the globe with an ease of accessibility and mass affordability. Along with the advent of world-class technology and with its farm-to-fork model the brand ensures that every batch is produced and delivered in the safest manner possible. However, the brand firmly believes that health and well-being should be for one and all no matter which socio-economic background an individual belongs to. Bearing in mind this notion, Happilo is here to create one big family where healthy products are easily accessible and affordable to every individual. With its widespread presence across multiple e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Big basket and more and along with 40 channel partners to 5000+ modern retail and general trades the brand has made itself easily accessible to all. Moreover, to ensure that the season of festivities is celebrated by all, the brand has also launched a line of hampers starting at Rs. 225/- ranging up to Rs. 1999/- ensuring mass affordability.


Keeping in mind the overall mission and vision, the brand has also introduced a wider range of options to tap into the B2B (Business-to-Business), B2E (Business-to-Employees), and B2C (Business-to-Consumer) segments respectively. Health and seamless gifting should not be restricted to just the festival season but should be propagated throughout the year to ensure a happier and healthier tomorrow.


Vikas Nahar, Founder of Happilo stated, “At Happilo we aim to become a part of every households daily essential’s list by introducing new products and adopting advanced technology to fulfil consumer demands during every occasion like weddings, the festive season, anniversaries, birthdays, hallmark days or just every day.”


Rajiv Singh, Head of Marketing for the brand commented, “To ensure that we leave no stone unturned, the brand is actively working towards catering to every segment by expanding our product range and also coming up with multiple offerings to meet consumer demands for every occasion. Happilo’s exclusive festive range is here to ensure each one of you a seamless gifting process this festive season.”


With multiple plans for expansion and with the introduction of new products, the brand is here to make healthy snacking and nutrition a part of every individuals day-to-day life. Celebrate every small and big moment with health and happiness from Happilo.


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