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Earliest Surviving Hindu Paintings Preserved for Eternity at Arctic World Archive

Arctic World Archive, a repository of the most significant works by humankind, has initiated preservation of restored artworks of Indian culture for eternity. Sapio Analytics, a government advisory firm known for its artificial intelligence driven policymaking, has made the deposits.


Section of the Earliest Surviving Hindu Painting Photographed and Digitally Restored by Benoy K Behl, Copyright with Sapio Analytics and Benoy K Behl


The Archive is located in Svalbard, Norway, and the deposit was made in the presence from dignitaries around the world. Last year, Sapio Analytics has initiated preservation of images of Ajanta Caves photographed and digitally restored by Benoy K Behl, and the preservation of the same continued this year too. This year, the earliest surviving Hindu paintings, photographed and digitally restored by art historian Benoy K Behl, were also made a part of the prestigious archives.


These paintings from Badami Caves reveal the existence of an ancient tradition of painting in India. This is extremely important because, till now, the world has been studying the tradition of Indian painting, beginning with the medieval period,” said Hardik Somani, Director of Sapio Analytics, at the event.


Images from another UNESCO World Heritage Site, Brihadeesvara Temple, have also been preserved for eternity in their original glory in this year’s deposit. Paintings from this grand temple, photographed and digitally restored by Shri Behl, are also deposited. These paintings reveal some of the mysteries of this spiritually significant temple located in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, dedicated to Lord Shiva.


In addition, artificial intelligence driven catalogues where A.I. has been used to extract intelligence out of ancient paintings and demonstrate new meanings of our existence through the same, were also deposited for eternity. Artificial Intelligence is being used by Sapio Analytics’ Heritage Restoration Division to restore Indian culture’s original glory and present to the world.


This year’s deposit from India also includes white papers signifying the association of India with Lao PDR, Cambodia and Bulgaria, establishing India’s culture as being the base of current global socio-economic situations.


Speaking at the event from the Arctic, Managing Director of Piql, the company behind the Archive, Rune Bjerkestrand, said that this second deposit cemented the ongoing collaboration for preservation of important cultural sites.


Overall, this deposit helps establish India as a cultural superpower with artworks that have not only shaped our existence since ancient times but are also impacting our present. With the unique technology created by Piql, making these works indestructible, and support of Norway in providing a deposit at a place in the world where human existence ends, along with our artificial intelligence, powered by support of legendary art historian Benoy K Behl, we hope to transform India’s presence in the world,” added Somani.


The Arctic World Archive is a growing digital repository of world memory located at the remote island of Svalbard in the Arctic Ocean and has deposits from national archives from Brazil and Mexico as well. Sapio Analytics’ Heritage Division is presenting India’s culture to the world through a series of global exhibitions of photographs of Shri. Behl, besides being a representative of culture at India Pavilion, Dubai Expo 2020, where Shri. Behl will present ‘First 700 Years of the World’s Buddhist Paintings’.




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