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DWS Franchise Launch in Etawah to Provide Doorstep Cleaning for your Four-Wheelers: Shakeb Rahman

New Delhi (India), December 20: Have you heard of DSW? Have you heard of the doorstep cleaning of cars? Heard of the car detailing at the customers’ doorsteps? Yes, now doorstep cleaning and detailing is a reality, and DSW is short for our company, DoorStep Wash which is the largest chain of such services in the country with over 100 successful franchises operating in different parts. In an effort to provide these hassle-free services to the maximum number of people, the company is planning to launch 30 more franchises. As a part of this, DSW launched one of its franchises in Etawah on 09th December in partnership with Mr. Ashit Yadav.

Till now, almost all consumers were facing the challenges like time constraints, distant locations of the centres and traffic while taking their vehicle to a physical service centre. So to minimize these challenges and make getting this service easier, we came up with the unique concept of providing cleaning and detailing services at consumers’ doorsteps. Minimizing challenges and providing services at the same time became the guiding force of the company. This has also helped us gain popularity in such a short period of time.

Phixman and Zixdo are the companies serving as the backbone of Doorstep Wash. The highly skilled veterans of these companies have put their efforts into framing a systematic structure for the company. The expert service providers helped us make a name for ourselves in the market. The trained technicians serve as our hands because they are the ones who helped us at the grass-root levels and made everything possible. The professionals, experts and technicians with their portable machines serve as the complete body of Doorstep Wash.

We at DSW not only provide you with cleaning and lite-detailing service, but we also ensure the quality of the products used along with maintaining the hygiene of the surrounding area. These qualities have helped DSW to set a benchmark of standards in the market.

We are glad to announce that we cordially invite entrepreneurs looking forward to investing in the automobile sector to become our franchise partners. Setting up our franchise is a low-investment business with high returns of a lifetime. The initial training and aid will be provided by Doorstep Wash.



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