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Dubai Expo to Present Ancient Culture of India, Attract Global Investors

Government Advisory firm Sapio Analytics has taken the responsibility to present the ancient culture of India to the world at the India Pavilion in Dubai Expo 2020, through its heritage restoration division.


Glimpse of the India Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai


Expo 2020 Dubai was launched on October 1 and is slated to run for six months till March 31, 2022. The India Pavilion is one of the largest structures at the Expo with 4 floors dedicated to technology, research, innovation and heritage. The presentation of the ancient culture of India is expected to reveal new realities of human cultural existence, showing how Indian culture forms the basis of a strong socio-economic bilateral relationship with various nations.


Sapio Heritage shall present Forgotten Tradition of Ancient Art, through the first 700 years of the world’s Buddhist Paintings, documented by pioneering art historian Benoy K Behl. Behl is also known for revealing the earliest surviving Hindu paintings to the world and having received the honour of his works saved for eternity at the Arctic World Archive.


The Glorious Sun Series by celebrated thinker Udayraj Gadnis shall also be presented by Sapio Heritage, as part of its focus on ancient culture of India. This is a series of oil paintings on canvas, each one embodying an ancient mythical culture of this world, rooted in tradition, but also works as an eye-opener to contemporary life.


“The works curated and presented by us shall help establish the cultural power of India, and how Indian cultural knowledge helps form the basis of current socio-economic realities across the world. This cultural knowledge dissemination is in line with the theme of openness at the India Pavilion, as it shows that India is deeply connected to various nations of the world, making the process of investment in India easier,” says Hardik Somani, Director of Sapio Analytics, and its Heritage and Geopolitical Divisions.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also invited global investors at the Expo to invest in India, saying that today’s India is one of the most open countries in the world, being open to learning, perspectives, innovation and investment, in line with the message of its ancient culture.


The program details of these revelations that may transform the position of Indian art in the world shall be shared soon, we shall be conducting press meets for the said events,” adds Somani.



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