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DSW Launched its Franchise in Motihari on 11th March, Shakeb Rahman

New Delhi (India), March 23: Do you currently have any knowledge of DSW? Have you ever heard of automobiles getting washed outside the house? Have you ever had a four-wheeler professionally cleaned at your home? You might not be aware of this, but DSW has turned them all into reality. DSW stands for DoorStep Wash, which has more than 100 franchise locations and is the largest network of its kind in the country. To eliminate the hassles involved with getting your automobiles washed, the company created a brand-new concept of doorstep washing and detailing. On March 11th, the business announced the opening of a new location in Motihari, Bihar as part of its expansion plans. In collaboration with Mr. Amit, the franchise went functional successfully. 

Until the founding of our company, almost all the customers in this sector had to cope with annoyances including traffic, time limits, and centers that are primarily located in remote areas. As a result, we had the unique idea to offer cleaning and detailing services at the homes of the clients in order to reduce these difficulties and make the process of receiving these services simple. This concept turned out to become the motivating factor behind the successful running of the company.

Phixman.com and Zixdo are the founding firms of Doorstep Wash. The exceptionally trained veterans of these companies gave their all to create a deliberate organizational design, and the top-notch specialist cooperatives helped us become well-known locally. The skilled specialists act as our hands because they were the ones that helped us on a grassroots level and made everything feasible. The complete staff of Doorstep Wash is made up of specialists, professionals, and experts who are supported by their top-of-the-line portable machines.

DSW offers cleaning services, but we also maintain the cleanliness of the surrounding area and guarantee the quality of the materials used. These characteristics have aided DSW in setting a benchmark in this sector.

We are happy to inform you that we are now accepting business owners who are prepared to spend time and resources on developing a business plan and becoming our franchise partners. The setting of our business is a low-risk venture that yields excellent results. Doorstep Wash will help with the supporting preparation.


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