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Dr. Kumar Mehta’s Latest Book “The Exceptionals” is Out in Bookstores

The latest book from Dr. Kumar Mehta titled “The Exceptionals” published by Rupa Publications is a comprehensive view of the commonalities that exist in individuals, who have achieved exceptional success in their respective professions and how the knowledge gleaned from their stories can work as a blueprint that can enable anyone seeking success to make effective advancements in achieving their respective dreams.


The Exceptionals


Being “Exceptional” is a focused and tough journey. While everyone can work towards it… very few have the focus, knowledge and grit that helps them understand how to level up from good to great and from outstanding to elite.


Success is pursued by everyone world over, irrespective of the profession/field that they choose. But very few of us have the focus and fortitude required to follow through with it. Every super achiever, who has crossed all levels and boundaries to master their skill and achieve the ultimate has done so with a single focus-they have put all their eggs in one basket and worked tirelessly to reach their one true goal. They sacrifice everything that can cause a barrier between them and the final destination. 


An interesting concept highlighted in the book is “sustained excellence”. While working assiduously with a single focus is crucial. Being ‘Exceptional’ is a powerful amalgamation of using one’s existing ecosystem to their benefit. Observe and absorb information, learnings, ideas and experiences from situations and people. Staying on top of one’s game is about embracing the multi-faceted world around us.


Rupa publications’ book by Dr. Kumar Mehta, is a story of the few individuals who have achieved an unparalleled mastery in their field. They are the 1% of the 1%, who have reached seemingly unreachable heights. They may be athletes or entertainers who are household names, or they may be people who have invented life-saving drugs or won a Nobel Prize by making fundamental advances in knowledge. Or they may have changed the world through science or music or business by influencing millions or perhaps billions of lives.


They are the people who have succeeded in being able to draw out the best talents they have within themselves and have maximized the physical, mental, and social potential available to them. The Exceptionals is their story, which the author follows up with powerful teachings that can enable anyone.


This book is available online at


About The Author: Dr. Kumar Mehta

Dr. Kumar Mehta has been at the forefront of exceptional performance, research, innovation, and data analytics for over 30 years. He founded Bridges Insight, a think tank committed to researching sustained personal and organizational excellence. Individuals and corporations around the world use his sensible approaches to achieve extraordinary outcomes.


Kumar’s research areas include the science of exceptional performance and understanding why some people become truly exceptional and elite, and others don’t. Kumar’s extensive research with Olympic athletes, Nobel Laureates, world-renowned musicians, and people at the very top of many other fields has formed the basis of The Exceptionals, How the Best become the Best & How You Can Too.


From 2007 – 2016, Kumar was the CEO of Course 5 Intelligence, a data analytics company that he grew from a startup to a team of over 1,000 employees. Kumar managed this company with high growth and profitability, and without any external investment.


From 1993-2007 Kumar was at Microsoft, where he started as one of the founding members of the very first research and analytics team, and over time managed some of Microsoft’s most significant and strategic projects. He has directed over a quarter billion dollars of consulting, research, and analytics at Microsoft. Kumar also worked in Business Strategy, Corporate Development, Competitive Intelligence, Corporate Finance and has directly led some of the most strategic analytic initiatives at Microsoft.


Kumar also currently serves as a Senior Research Fellow at the Center for the Digital Future at the University of Southern California.


Kumar is passionate about education and is active as a board member and Treasurer for the Committee for Children (CFC), a global non-profit dedicated to fostering the safety and well-being of children through social-emotional learning and development. CFC is the world’s largest provider of research-based educational programs that promote social-emotional skills and prevent bullying and sexual abuse. Today the organization’s social-emotional learning and child safety programs reach more than 16.5 million children worldwide.


Kumar holds a PhD in pharmaceutical socioeconomics from The University of Iowa and lives in Seattle.


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