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WAUSAU, WISCONSIN, UNITED STATES, November 20, 2021 / — “The painful and disappointing outcome of the trial in Kenosha on November 19, 2021, has served to widen the chiasm within our communities on the issues of racial justice, gun violence, and extremism. A 17-year-old white man acquired a gun, crossed state lines, killed two people, and seriously injured a third. Yet somehow, he will face no consequences for his actions. Disturbingly, he is being hailed by right extremists, a “hero,” painting a grim picture and setting a perilous precedent for our future.

“This outcome is a symptom of the failures that plague our society rather than the failure of a single person, court, law, prosecutor, or judge. Over and over, we fail to address the root causes of our struggle: police violence against Black people, a criminal justice system rife with racial prejudice, and ineffective lax guns laws making a gun available to nearly anyone who wants it. These failures result in police brutality and the mass incarceration of Black and brown people while exploiting loopholes in our laws to free a young white murderer. And while the word of our judge and jury is the word of the law, the system has failed us.

“From now on, we can expect to see more gun violence and death at demonstrations by those wielding guns and awaiting the opportunity to demonstrate their immunity, given to them by the outcome of the trial in Kenosha yesterday. It is reasonable to expect confrontation by emboldened armed people, knowing this precedent will protect them. I worry that our right to free speech and peaceful protest will be stifled.

“None of us are immune to this threat. Finally, let us provide social service emergency response within our public safety system, improve police training, and demilitarize our police. Invest in our Black and brown communities with excellent schools, clean air and water, and good-paying jobs. Enact common-sense gun reform like universal background checks and restricted access to high-capacity firearms. Finally, we must address the fundamental failures of our justice system to demand equal protection under the law. If there is one message to take away from the disappointing and dangerous outcome in Kenosha, it is this: the death of two young men, the severe injury of a third, and the division of a community, our state and nation once again are the result of legalized condoned violence and oppression of Black people, this time Jacob Blake.

“Above all, we are Americans first and only together can we fix this.

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