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Dr Abhinand Ponneri Adithavarman plans to leave a mark in this world

Dr. Abhinand Ponneri Adityavarman 33, being a lecturer, a motivational speaker & and a Chennai based scientist, suffers from a life threatening illness his battles towards this sickness has no end as he suffers through Spinal Muscle Atrophy.

Dr. Abhinand’s motto has always been to leave his mark in this world, to have a meaningful life around me in the past 30 years, and to have important people around where I have impacted several masses around me.  Dr. Abhinand is suffering through a genetic disorder which is due to weakness & loss of movement. It is a very rare disease which is caused by the loss of specialized nerve cells known as motor neurons which controls the movement of the muscle.

As per sources he has been on the wheelchair since the age of 13 which did not stop him from grabbing his dreams out there. He studied his PHD from Ramachandra University in the year 2011 where his specialization was into Bioinformatics.. Later in the year 2013 he was a part time lecturer and later became a full time lecturer. He took lectures of 200 students regularly.

He shared a strong bond and a good rapport with the students, he says that “ my condition is very severe and the treatment would cost around 72-80 lakhs per year which I cannot afford” Perhaps the alumni of the college has decided to crowdfund the amount to help Dr.Abhinand’s illness.

He was brilliant in academics & has done quite a good research despite the illness he is going through. His only goal is to live a normal life where he mentioned the newly invented drug called Risdiplam which cost around 4 cr and is impossible to afford and perhaps for that reason the crowdfunded took place.

Dr. Abhinand is quite a traveller where he visited different places where the wheelchair was inaccessible like ladakh, Rhotang pass in manali and he is grateful and thankful to his constant support which is family , friends , god & his well wishers.

Dr. Abhinand holds a degree of PHD for about 5+ years of working experience in teaching faculty. He says that if you trust in yourself nothing is impossible in the world then. The professor says that “ it is the most important thing to find happiness in smaller things in life.



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