Wednesday, February 1, 2023
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Doorstep Wash Launches Home-Based Cleaning Business in Agartala, Shakeb Rahman

DSW will now serve you in Agartala

Doorstep Wash presently has turned out to become a home brand for doorstep cleaning and detailing of cars. The already established over 100 franchises across the nation are serving the customers and at the same time 30 more are coming up to serve better. Our most valued and taken services by the customers include car cleaning at the doorsteps. With our very good quality administrations, we are happy to send off one more establishment in Agartala with Mr. Saptarshi Chakraborty on November 01.

Our goal at Doorstep Wash is to serve our clients in the best possible way at their ease. To make it more easier for them, we have lauched our online platform in a user friendly interface which will be more accessible for the consumers. This is a step forward in working smarter rather than working harder. The launch of our franchise in Agartala is to ensure that our services are available even at areas with low connectivity. With this launch, we want to ensure best in class services for our consumers.

Doorstep Wash, driven by specialists from various circles and foundations in deep-rooted organizations like Phixman and Zixdo, is hoping to secure itself as a leader of doorstep cleaning and washing services across the country. The company is working leaps and bounds to make itself the longest chain in the sector and serving the maximum number of consumers. Our services of detailing apply to all models and car brands. While putting customers needs before anything, we also maintain our quality and take care of the hygiene.

DSW is already emerging as a market leader with its one of a kind services and creative and structural model. The company has set the high standards for the players to come in the field.

The entrepreneurs who are working towards establishing their business and take it to the new heights are cordially welcomed to join us as a franchise in this high-income and low-investment business. We will extend full support to our business and franchise partners at all times.


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