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#DiwaliFeels: Ceramic artworks are the new fav among gifts for denizens

New Delhi

Far surpassing most Diwali gifts in elegance, sheen and a personalised touch, ceramics have for long been favoured by connoisseurs of the craft. Busy dipping their hands in the wet mud, many studio potters and ceramic artists in Delhi-NCR share how denizens are buying ceramics from them as Diwali gifts; to support the artists post the bad pandemic lull and to bring home a handcrafted piece of beautifully glazed art.

Ginni Suri, a Delhi-based studio potter who has been practising since 11 years, says, “The concept of gifting handmade pottery for Diwali is seeing an increase especially when packaged specifically keeping the gifting aspect in mind. I make products specifically designed for gifting purposes, and pack these in attractive boxes. The people who are buying these handmade pottery are the ones looking for something unique and handcrafted and have an understanding of ceramics, as no two pieces can be alike.”

Stating that the demand for studio pottery has grown tremendously of late, Suri shares that the “interest in handmade pottery has really increased among a lot of young and old people, who find interest in even learning pottery”. She makes handpainted bowls, wine glasses, leaf impressed coasters in varied glazes, animal and bird motif plates, and dinner sets with underglazes and some with 22-karat gold work.

Another Delhi-based ceramic artist Usha Garodia, who discovered ceramics back in 1983, says ceramics are great for both gifting as well as for decorating the home. The artist has made delicate porcelain bowls with fairy lights within them, pleasant-looking both when lit and when not, for Diwali this year.

Garodia shares: “I have seen very good sales this year. People are buying a lot of art online. Now, markets are also opening up physically with fairs and exhibitions. There is a huge variety that ranges from table art to flower vases to purely decorative art which can add beauty to any surface, be it walls or tables. Specially hand made ceramics. They bring colour and style as they are unique. My buyers are people who are looking for something that is out of the box. Since I do hand built works, they cannot be repeated. This is a great attraction as people know that what they have, or are gifting, is totally unique.”

Lubna Sen, an art curator and interior decor consultant, informs, “There are different types of ceramic art forms – earthenware, stoneware , porcelain and bone china – depending on the firing temperature. Terracotta, which is a basic earthenware ceramic, is what we see in diyas and pots. The next thing bought commonly are ceramic tableware and small decorative craft items like incense holders.”

Sen adds that the market of bespoke artisan ceramic pieces could be explored a lot in Delhi, as there are plenty of talented fine art potters who make a wide range of beautiful ceramic artworks from vases, decorative bowls, wall plates, sculptures and even large installations. “Artisan ceramic artworks can start as low as 5000 onwards,” she says.

Buyer Barkha Nangia, a Gurugram-based entreprenuer, who has spent 68,000 buying ceramics as Diwali gifts this year, says: “Ceramic gifts are my one and only choice when it comes to Diwali gifting. Due to its clean, glassy finish, along with durability and elegance in shape I always love gifting ceramic items during festivities. Ceramic kitchenwares can withstand high temperature and do not expand greatly when heated. This is why, I make sure to buy ceramics for myself and gifting purposes.”

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