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Diwali 2021: Detox diets may damage your liver, warns Rujuta Diwekar | Health

While Diwali time brings with it loads of joy and cheer, going on a guilt-trip after binge-eating could make people consider detox diets. Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar, however, warns her followers to stay away from the temptation of losing those extra calories quickly this Diwali, as detox programmes or diets could actually do more harm than good.

In an Instagram video as part of her Diwali series, Diwekar talked about the perils of detox programmes that could have a negative impact on your liver.

Comparing detox programmes with red wine, green tea or dark chocolate – which are good for profits but terrible for people – Diwekar says the best way to cleanse your system is to wait for the liver to do its own job naturally.

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Diwekar says that the biggest danger with detox that involves doing massages, walking around, having shots and smoothies, salads, soups – practically going without food – is that you will end up having elevated liver enzymes. “This typically happens after having alcohol, here just because of the method you are using to cleanse yourself, you have elevated liver enzymes,” says the acclaimed nutritionist.

She reiterates going for diets that are sustainable and advises people to celebrate Diwali whole-heartedly with mindful eating.

“Liver is an important organ. If left by itself, one of its primary functions is to clean up or detoxify everything in the system. You may end up developing some kind of chronic liver disease or insulin resistance (if you follow detox programmes) and out of nowhere you will create a medical disaster for yourself,” says Diwekar.


Do you really lose fat during detox?

“Almost everyone who goes to a detox place comes back weighing lesser. But what do you think you lost? Did you lose fat? You will end up wasting your muscle tissue, and losing your bone density,” says Diwekar. She adds that in addition you will lose your confidence too when all the weight comes back as quickly as you lost it.

She suggests people to choose wisely from the Diwali delicacies they want to eat and take their time to chew it and relish every bite of it. She also suggests taking a break before going for the next helping in Diwali get-togethers.

The next time you read about detox diets, keep your liver in mind.

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