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Discover Culinary Treasures: Order North-Eastern Food in Train with Zoop

Guwahati (Assam) [India], September 26: India’s northeastern regions boast a rich cultural tapestry, a multitude of languages, and a diverse range of cuisines that vary significantly across communities. In this captivating culinary landscape, food assumes a central role, embodying the unique identity of the Northeast. Exploring the northeastern culinary heritage reveals a world of enticing flavours, celebrated for its rich diversity. The culinary foundation of the Northeast centres around its reliance on fish and rice as primary staples.

Zoop, an authorised IRCTC food order booking service partner with over 500K+ downloads, stands out as the top choice for indulging in a diverse array of northeastern culinary delights while travelling by train. It particularly excels in delivering the rich flavours of North-Eastern Fare. Zoop has streamlined the process of savouring your favourite northeastern dishes during train journeys. With a diverse menu sourced from FSSAI-certified restaurants, Zoop prioritises safety protocols and offers convenient payment options, including the ‘Pay At Delivery’ feature, ensuring a seamless experience in satisfying your northeastern food cravings during your train journey.

How to order North Eastern Cuisines on Train

Zoop enhances the railway dining experience by offering online food delivery services that introduce passengers to the rich flavours and traditional cuisines of the Northeastern regions. With a wide selection of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian northeastern delicacies, including an array of Thukpa, Smoked pork, Kelli chana, Pitham Khar, fish dishes, exquisite thalis, and traditional sweets.  Zoop ensures that even travellers passing through can relish the authentic taste of the Northeast without the need to disembark from the train.

According to Puneet Sharma, Founder of Zoop, “At Zoop, our constant goal is to ensure that train passengers are delighted by our range of delectable northeastern dishes. Recognizing that the Northeast is a region rich in cultural diversity, where culinary traditions vary from one state to another and even within different communities, Zoop is committed to providing food on trains that caters to the wide-ranging tastes and preferences of our customers, whether they yearn for Assamese, Manipuri, Darjeeling or any other North-Eastern fare.”

How to order food online from IRCTC partner Zoop:

  1. Ping on WhatsAppat 7042062070
  2. Choose your favourite meal, restaurant, desired railway station.
  3. Enter your PNR number, seat number, and coach details.
  4. Select the desired payment method from COD, debit/credit card, UPI, and Simpl Wallet.

Zoop has redefined the train travel experience by offering traditional and snack options that truly capture the essence of northeastern cuisine. With Zoop’s services available in multiple languages, including Hindi, English, and the regional languages of the Northeast, it provides easy and convenient access to online food delivery in trains, ensuring a flavorful and authentic journey experience.


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