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Digitalage Reveals Creator Tools for Responsive that Outpaces Rivals

New Creator Tools

Digitalage at VidCon

Digitalage New Logo

Digitalage New Logo

Hop-on announces new features that include Creator Tools that were designed for the mobile screen but extends to all devices including laptop and desktop.

ANAHEIM, CA, USA, June 23, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Hop-on announces new features that include Creator Tools that were designed for the mobile screen but extends to all devices including laptop and desktop.

Curt Doty, Chief Creative Officer states, “In giving creators the flexibility to create anywhere on any device, Digitalage recognizes that the creator economy includes more than TikTokers and that by creating cross-device workplaces, we will attract different types of creators and broaden the definition of what an influencer is.”

Chairman Peter Michaels added, “We are excited about our latest designs as we are announcing our brand to the world at VidCon 22. The level of interest is high in discussions today from the media, investment and influencer worlds.”

Curt Doty adds, “Elon Musk wants Twitter to be more like WeChat. Zuck wants Facebook to have a creator marketplace. Digitalage will do all this and do it better across all devices and not just be mobile-centric. TikTok is an entertainment platform. Facebook is a social media platform and Digitalage is an engagement platform.”

The cross-device features include many of the standards, i.e. stickers, filters, add a voice, captions and add music with SocialSoundtrax™. Another added feature is that in your Digitalage Library, you will be able to store videos, logos, photos, and more, making it easier to upload and begin creating. Digitalage provides a unified experience for creating a post across all devices.

About Hop-on

Hop-on, Inc. (OTC: HPNN) is a US-based international leader in the development and manufacture of electronics, distributed software, and telecommunications hardware and services, capitalizing on its secured essential license agreements for mobile and computing technologies. Since 1993, the Company has a proven record of innovation and market development. From developing the world’s first CDMA disposable cell phone to the upcoming Digitalage decentralized social media platform promoting data portability and free speech and engineering essential tools for content protection and royalty management across social platforms and devices, the Company works closely with inventors and patent holders to bring the latest technologies to demanding markets.

Peter Michaels, CEO



About Digitalage:

With offices based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the mission behind Digitalage is to lead the social media industry through combatting content piracy and empower publishers, influencers, and contributors. Digitalage is revolutionizing the creator economy and will empower users to connect, upload and share content, while compensating rights holders through utilizing decentralized Web3 blockchain technologies.

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